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Amateur radio is really not popular here. It is mainly done by expatriates in Mali as most nationals can't afford it. The required equipment is very expensive and license fees are too high (wages are very low). I am one of the luckiest to have a radio graciously donated by an amateur friend. I have a home-made broadband antenna which works pretty well. I am working all bands except the 6m which has openings some times.

Our club is striving to make things easier for nationals who are interested in the best hobby of the world. With the support of STARS (Support to Amateur Radio Societies) we managed to set up a station in a telecommunication school for a short period before the equipment got stolen. We really want to renew this experience with all safety measures.There are pretty many dxpeditions that take place here, but they all pack up everything when they go, leaving us with nothing! We'd really appreciate it if we can get some second hand radios.

Note that we have been attending all the Region 1 general conferences since 1986.

Hamadoun, TZ6HY

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