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V63PSK Moen Island Chuuk Islands

JA1FMN will be active as V63PSK from Moen Island (Weno Island), Chuuk Islands, IOTA OC-011, 19 - 25 November 2018.
He will be active on 40 - 15 m PSK, JT65, FT8, JT9.
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Shuji Yamanishi, 72-83-203 Toyoshiki, Kashiwa-city, Chiba 277-0863, Japan.

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Moen Weno Island V63PSK

V63PSK. Where are Chuuk Islands located. Map.

V63PSK Moen Island Chuuk Islands. Sunrise 03-26-2019 at 19:52 GMT sunset at 08:03 GMT
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