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VK9WA Middle Island Willis Islands

An international team of amateur radio operators, Rob N7QT, Jared N7SMI, Sandro VE7NY, Adam K7EDX, Hawk SM5AQD, Gus SM3SGP, Allan VE7SZ, will be active from Middle (Mid) Island, Willis Islands (Willis Islets) 14 - 23 November 2015 as VK9WA.
They will operate on 80 - 10m (possibly 160) CW, SSB, RTTY.
The team will depart Cairns, Australia on the MV Phoenix.
Middle (Mid) Island is only 4 acres in size and uninhabited.
Middle Island and Willis Islets are part of Coral Sea Islands Territory, Australia.
Willis Islets is currently Nr 34 on the Club Log most wanted list and not activated since 2008.
DXCC Country - Willis Islets
WAZ zone - CQ 30.
ITU Zone - 55.
QTH Locator - QH43xs.
The Mid Islet landing and operating permits are in hand. The VK9WA license in in process.
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VK9WA Middle Island Willis Islands. Sunrise 03-02-2024 at 19:59 GMT sunset at 08:25 GMT
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