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VP2EGC Anguilla Island

Larissa, VE3KGC will be active from Anguilla Island until 30 December 2014 as VP2EGC.
She is working on HF bands SSB.
QSL via home call.

Anguilla Island

Anguilla Island is a British overseas territory and is one of the Leeward Islands that are northerly located. The islands capital is known as the valley and some of the regions that border the island include Puerto Rico that is located to the east, the Virgin Island that lies on the east of the Island and towards the North of the Anguilla Island there is Saint Martin. The island is basically comprised of a number of cays and islands that are much smaller.

The Island was first discovered by the Native Americans who were its first inhabitants. .later on it was colonized by the English settlers, later on the French took over the island but they took position for a short period of time, the British then reigned in the island and it became a British crown colony.


The flat low lying island is composed of coral and limestone and is located in the Caribbean Sea on the eastern side of the Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. The Anguilla channel acts as the separation point on the North and it is bordered by Saint Martin. It is considered as one of the most popular islands because of the spectacular and the most amazing coral reefs that harbor most of the marine life. The beaches are also ample making it one of the best tourist attractions in the world. Apart from the main island, there are smaller islands and other cays that are interesting to visit. Other locations are very tiny in that they are yet to be named.

Aside from the perfect surrounding, the soils in the region is another A factor in that it is thin and only supports scrub tropical and the forest vegetation. The forest vegetation ensures that the region receives sufficient rainfall to be able to support the whole ecosystem that relies on it in order to survive.

Some of the islands and cays that are yet to be inhibited in the region include:

  • The seal island
  • Sombrero
  • Scrub Island
  • Sandy Island
  • Dog Island
  • Anguillita
  • Dog Island
  • Prickly Pear Island
  • Hat island

Due to the existence of these natural features there is obviously a climate pattern.

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The Anguilla Island is basically experiences the tropical climate. There are always the North-eastern trade winds whose characteristic is to ensure that the island is relatively cool and dry. The coolest period is usually between the months of December and February while the hottest months on the other hand are usually between July and October with the highest temperature of approximately twenty seven degrees centigrade.

The rainfall in the region usually varies from period to period and it averages to about 890mm yearly. One of the negative facts of it being located in the Caribbean Sea is that it is subject to sudden tropical storms and hurricanes that are highly destructive.

There are very few natural resources on the island because of the thin arid soil that is very poor for agriculture. This leads to the main question. So what contributes to the economy of the Anguilla Island?

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Since the island does not depend on the agricultural sector to ensure that the economy remains intact, there are other activities that are basically suitable. The main activities that promote the economy of the island include:

  • Tourism

This play the biggest role in the region because of the presence of several attraction sites like the cays and the islands. Through tourism, Anguilla Island has managed to build one of the most recognized multinational companies, partnerships and other developments that are the driving factor of economy in the region. Some of the new developments in the region include the captive insurance and this has really improved over the years making it one of the core contributors to good economy.

  • Fishing

The habitants of the region also require a means of survival. The presence of corals in the region ensures that there is sufficient marine life and with that the residents and the economy of the island is on the positive front.

  • Offshore incorporation and management

It is also a driving factor that has ensured that the region remains intact and that relevant techniques are acquired to serve the visiting customers. The management services are also the best since the island is able to keep up with the advancements in the technological sector.

  • Offshore banking

The offshore banking system gives the visitors the urge to visit the region again because of the efficient services that are always provided. It has also ensured that the economy of the region is identified in a positive manner.

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This is one of the factors that define the Anguilla Island. The people are known for their cultural heritage that is always unique and has been kept intact from way behind. They consider their holidays as valuable and they ensure that all rules attached to such festivities are all adhered to. Some of the popular holidays of cultural importance include:

  • The Queen’s birthday which is one of the British festivities
  • The summer festival
  • The anniversary of the emancipation

They are also known for their mix of cuisines that comprises of English, Spanish, French, African and the native Caribbean. There are abundant seafood that you can enjoy like the prawns, shrimps, crabs, conch, red snapper and other appetizing casseroles and soups. Their staple food is salt cod and is usually enjoyed by the tourists who decide to try it out.

They also have livestock but they are usually few because of the limited space of the island. Some of the livestock that they utilize include the pork, beef that is mostly imported, poultry, goat and mutton, though most of the habitats utilize goat meat in most of their dishes.


In order to get to the island you can either use water or air. There are several boats and air planes that give the tourists a pleasure of stepping into the island. There are only taxis on the island and no other public transport.

Anguilla Island is therefore a one stop location that you are required to visit at least once in your lifetime.

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