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VP2EMB Anguilla

VP2EMB Team will be active from Anguilla, IOTA NA - 022, in April 2019.
Team - PA2CHR, PA3EYC.
Recent DX Spots VP2EMB
They will operate EME.
QTH Locator - FK88mg.
More information soon.

VP2EMB Anguilla Island EME DX Pedition BannerVP2EMB. Anguilla Island EME DX Pedition.

VP2EMB Anguilla DX NewsAnguilla. Author - dauphohara.

VP2EMB Anguilla Tourist attractions spotAnguilla. Author - Jay Fields.

VP2EMB. Where is Anguilla Island located. Map.

VP2EMB Anguilla. Sunrise 06-15-2024 at 09:35 GMT sunset at 22:50 GMT
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  • Callsign: PE1MPL
  • 2019-03-31 03:11:06