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VP5/SM7DKF Providenciales Island Turks and Caicos

Ronnie, SM7DKF will be active from Providenciales Island, Turks and Caicos 29 November- 6 December 2014 as VP5/SM7DKF.
He will operate on 20-10m CW.
QSL via home call.

Providenciales Island
Providenciales – an island of a British Overseas territory

About Providenciales

Providenciales is part of Caicos Islands. It settles in the north west and is a British Overseas Territory. The area is a land of 98 km2 with a population of 23,000 people in average. Providenciales is a home to the Turks and a modern city with international airport and beach destinations. The island has been featured in Trip Advisor as one of the must-visit beaches in the world.

The history of Providenciales

In 1964, the island was not really a crowd place. There was no electricity, phones or water. It was in 1967 that a developer, Provident Ltd, began to purchase real estates during the World War II. The first hotel built in the island was Third Turtle Inn.

The Club Med invested a large amount of money on Grace Bay Beach resort. This hotel holds accommodations and casino for public leisure. In 1984, the development was finished and there were many resorts built after, such as Turqoise Reef, Ocean Club and North Beach. Providenciales is now a tourism destination with most resorts developed by the Turks. There are golf courses, and residential places owned by many people from around the world. The luxurious island has shores of condominiums for settlers but still has a hint of local taste in the culture.

Providenciales as a tourism destination

Providenciales owns several luxury resorts that are situated primarily at Grace Bay. The beach is 5 miles long, hence, the charm really gets this way with the ridges and hills as the background panorama. A carpet of cactus can be seen on the way there. As a world class resorts, Providenciales owns diving sites with coral reefs and shores ready to greet your presence. You can also witness the humpback whale during their migration route that crosses Providenciales. There is a part of the island that is uninhabited. The cays can be reached by boats if you want to rent it. it is a secluded and quiet place to have great time relaxing.

Providenciales has several populations like the Bight, Five Cays and Blue Hills. The residential properties are built in the south and east area. With a dense population settling at Long Bay, Leeward and Chalk sound. The expansion of settlements have made the area densely populated and there are also upscale residents that’s located off the shore.

Providenciales Island VP5/SM7DKF

The Grace bay of Providenciales

Grace Bay is a particular area filled with resorts for pleasure seekers. The area has become the tourism destinations with condos and hotels ready to accommodate tourists from all over the globe. The developments of Amanyara, Gansevoort, Point Grace, and The Sands have drawn many visitors to the island.

The communities are packed in Kew Town and Downtown. Both is located near the international airport. Also, there is a highway roads that from and to Downtown. On this highway, there are shopping centers, real estates development and full of markets for tourism.

Hiking and sightseeing in Providenciales

There are reasonable excitements to hike the hills in Providenciales. From Sapodilla Hill, Osprey Rock (which was the evidence of Caribbean pirates) and more. The British constructed a plantation house to provide greeneries in the area. There are tracks for hiking in the wild and this natural attraction is a once in a lifetime experience. The Chalk Sound National Park offers enchanting panorama with a 3 mile walk to Downtown’s south west.

The water has a crystal clear color with turquoise sea and tiny islets like mushrooms. The charm also comes from the saline lakes and reefs with waterfowl. The island does not have animal shelters so you will see lots of cats and wild dogs almost anywhere.

Providenciales Island VP5/SM7DKF DX News

To get to Providenciales

There are ways to reach the island’s exoticism:

  • Cruise

There are cruises that go to Turks and caicos. It is centered at Grand Turk however, the one day trip might not be complete to explore the whole area.

  • Flights

The international airport has several schedules to Turks and Caicos. There are 2 domestic flights that can take you to the main island. It requires a passport holder to reach the area but the States don’t need any visa, so does people from UK and Canada. You can also take your pets but you need a certificate of good health from your vet.

  • Yacht

For those who love to yacht, Turks and Caicos provides plenty of destinations to be explored by the boats. There is a port entry through the island and the harbour only grants you one week visit in the island. to stay more than 7 days you need to obtain cruising permit which could last 3 months. The immigration offices is at the Grand Turk.

Turks and Caicos archipelago is notably fantastic as you navigate through the sea. With reefs and turquoise water, the area offers fascinating view during the day.

Providenciales Island VP5/SM7DKF Tourist attractions Turks and Caicos

Things to do in Providenciales

  • Diving

As a world class diving place, Providenciales offers thousands of water species and plenty of beautiful reefs on your way to the bottom of the sea.

You can dive in Grace Bay or Sapodilla Beach. Snorkelling is also a good idea and there are many sites to snorkel like in Princess Alexandra National Park or Long Bay Beach. Both offer different experience for all divers.

  • Watch iguana

Little Water Cay is an iguana island. in fact, it is the natural habitat of the endangered species and there is only one in the world. The wildlife area is preserved well.

  • Water sports

You can also go for water sports with your jet ski. There are rentals just off the shore where you can rent the ski and explore the area withspeedy speed.

  • Anna’s Art Gallery

If you enjoy art, the Anna’s Art Gallery has a lot of treasures to show off. The area is a small house situated near the beach. Anna owns some of potteries, hand paintings and artsy crafted glasses.

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