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VP8KF Falkland Islands VP8KF/100

John, G3VPW will be active from Falkland Islands 20 November - 12 December 2014 as VP8KF.
He will operate 80 - 10m including activity in CQ WW DX CW Contest 29 - 30 November 2014.
He will use also special call VP8KF/100.
QSL via home call, LOTW.

Falkland Islands and the activities that take place at the island

Falkland Islands has two different islands with many hundred smaller islands at the South Atlantic on the east coast of the Southern of South America. Many visitors to the island visit in summer in the months of October to March so that they may enjoy the quaint lifestyle in the rural area and spectacular wildlife. The island is an oversea territory of United Kingdom and it is a member of European Union. The island has been under Argentina for 180 years as an Islas Malvinas.

Even if an English navigator first saw the island in 1592, the landing took place in 1690 and the first French settlement was in 1764. The island was always in the center of the territorial dispute with Spain against Britain or Argentina against Britain. For 200 years, the island is under British.


Falkland’s economy is from agriculture which is sheep farming and it is the one that contributes greatly to the economy. The country also licenses the foreign trawlers while agricultural activities may support the domestic consumption in the exception of higher grade wool which is then exported. Tourism in the place is being encouraged and many people are encouraged to visit. Most of the tourists are from UK; however, more efforts are being put in the action in order to encourage adventure and wildlife tourism. Many people visit the island from November until March but these who want to see sea trout should visit in other periods.

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Fauna and Flora

Many people visit the Island because of its beautiful flora with fauna. The conservation is higher at the island. Marine and bird species are prevalent in its fauna and it included species of petrels, albatross, seals and penguins. The island also has hawks, geese and ducks. The island also has Striated Caracara which is found at Falkland Islands. The visitors are dolphins and porpoises which are most of the time sighted near the island.


The area is hilly and rock and there are some boggy terrains. The Peat was found within the islands and it was leading on some dangerous fire conditions and when it is ignited, the peat fire may burn for many months. The coasts are deeply indented and they can provide the best natural harbors. The high point at the island is Mount Usborne.


A strong westerly wind is constant at the island. The rain is high at Southeastern part at the island at the far western island, there is little precipitation. Even if it the island is found at the same equator level like London, there is no warming current which means that the area is colder and sometime it may snow anytime during January to February. However, accumulation is rare. Falkland Island is under the Antarctic Ozone hole and it is always important to have sunscreen when people are out during sunny days or summer time.

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Visiting the island

With an exception of the people who arrive with a cruise ship at the island who do not have to spend the night at land, the visitors who go at Falkland have to show the return ticket and the accommodation with the sufficient fund that will cover expenses when they are at the island. The visitors can pay using a credit card. People who visit the island by plane arrive at Mount Pleasant Airport which acts also as a military base.

People who are at the island can move around with planes of Falkland Islands Government Air Service. The planes can carry around eight people with a pilot. However, the load of the passengers may be reduced according to the area which is being visited. People can also move around in a boat. Large groups are able to charter the boat before and they provide the best way that they can visit some less travelled islands. Some islands charge landing fees for the passengers. People can also go around the city by taxi especially from Mount Pleasant Airport.

The English is an official language in the place since it is an overseas territory of British. However, some people also speak some Spanish. Official currency is Falkland Pound and it can be exchanged at the Stanley bank. The meals at the islands are traditional British and they are mutton, roast beef, chips and fish. Some foods of Spanish origins are Casuela and Milenessa. Many items are expensive at the island but alcohol is not charged any tax which makes it affordable.

Accommodation in the place includes breakfast and bed with some hotels. The buildings are normally older. Camping can be allowed with the right permission. People who want to work at Falklands have to get a permit. The permit has to be arranged before and the employer has to sponsor it. Sometime the locals are not friendly to the contractor workers while at the other hand they are needed because the island does not have qualified workers.

Even if a person should take precaution, it is hard to hear about crime at the island. When a problem takes place, the police can come to help. The animals are dangerous sometime when they are corned or if they are with their young ones. The most dangerous are fur seals, sea lions and elephant seals.

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What to do at the island

Falkland Island is an ultimate place for someone who likes bird watching. The colonies are accessed easily and there are some of the rarest at the same time enchanting birds. The island is also known because of its penguins which can be watched on the land or in water. Falklands have fourteen species of mammals such as whales or dolphins. People can get experience of watching wildlife up-close. Some locations are recommended for the people who want to watch wildlife.

Fishing is also another activity that many people can get involved into at the Falkland Island. People can fish in the streams, rivers, and coastal estuaries where there are no crowds. Fishing is made exciting by beautiful beaches and rugged hills. The common fish at the island are mullet, Falklands Minnow, Zebra Trout and Brown Trout. However, it is good to know the season when your preferred fish will be available.

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