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SP7VC, SQ7OYL, SP3IPB, SP7TF, SP3CFM, K2RPF will be active from Saint Lucia Island (IOTA NA-108) 27 January- 3 February 2015 as J6/SP7VC, J6/SQ7OYL, J6/SP3IPB, J6/SP7TF, J6/SP3CFM, J6/K2RPF.
They will operate on 160-10m CW, SSB, digital modes.
QSL via home calls.

Saint Lucia island and its places of attraction

Saint Lucia is the sovereign island country in the eastern of Caribbean Sea at the boundary of Atlantic Ocean. It is a part of Lesser Antilles and it is found on the northeast and north of island of Saint Vincent. It is at the Martinique South and Barbados Northwest. Saint Lucia is a part of the Windward Island and it had been named by the French, after Saint Lucy of Syracuse when they settled on the island first. They signed the treaty with the Carib Indians who were native in the area in the 1660. After sometime, there was a war and the rule in the island changed many times. The rule switched from British to Island until British was able to control it in 1814. Since the island was sometime under British control, it was also called Helen of the West Indies. The island has an independence day that it celebrates each year.


Saint Lucia is a volcanic island and it is a mountainous place compared with other islands of Caribbean. Its highest point is Mount Gimie. Another mountain is Pitons, while the island is among the few islands that have a drive-in volcano. Saint Lucia capital is Castries and at least 32.4 percent of the population lives here. Other towns are Vieux Fort, Soufriere and Gros Islet.

Saint Lucia Island J6/SP7VC J6/SQ7OYL J6/SP3IPB J6/SP7TF J6/SP3CFM J6/K2RPF


The climate in the place is tropical and it is moderated by the trade winds that come from Northeast. The dry season starts from December to May and the wet season starts from June to November.


The island has a population of around 170,000 people and they are divided evenly within the rural and urban areas. The population is made up with African and the Mixed African –European Descent while there is a small Indo-Caribbean minority. The members the groups that have not been specified are 2 percent of the entire population.

Even if the official language in the area is English, the people speak Creole French and it is also referred to as Patois or Patwah. Antillean Creole is found in the music and literature and it has got official acknowledgement. As it had developed as early French colonization, a Creole has been derived from the West African and French language. The island is also a member of La Francophonie .

At least 70 percent of population is Roman Catholic which was influenced by the evangelization and Catholic colonization. There are other denomination like Anglicanism, Pentecostalism and Seventh-day Adventism. There is also a percentage of the population that follower Rastafari Movement.

Even if the island has a high emigration rate, its population also grows faster for 1.2 percent every year. The migration of the people from Lucia is normally towards the Anglophone countries and most go into United Kingdom. The second country where people move to is United States while other countries are Canada, Spain with France.

Saint Lucia Island J6/SP7VC J6/SQ7OYL J6/SP3IPB J6/SP7TF J6/SP3CFM J6/K2RPF DX News


The Saint Lucia’s culture had been under the influence of English, French, East Indian and African heritage. The second language which is a Creole French is spoken by most everyone in the place.


Tourism is important to economy of Saint Lucia. The economic place of tourist will continue to grow since the market of bananas is becoming competitive. The tourism can be substantial in the dry season. Saint Lucia become popular because of tropical scenery and weather with many resorts and beaches.

The tourist attractions include the Sulphur Spring, drive-in volcano, majestic twin peaks, Pitons and Botanical Gardens. Other places are Pigeon Island National Park and Rain Forest. The majority of the people go to Saint Lucia which is the part of the cruise. The tourists spend most of their time in Gros Islet, Marigot Bay Soufriere and Castries.

Saint Lucia Island J6/SP7VC J6/SQ7OYL J6/SP3IPB J6/SP7TF J6/SP3CFM J6/K2RPF Tourist attractions

St Lucia attractions

Pigeon Island is a causeway that was built by 1970s, it is a national park and it is the lovely spot. The marked trails are used to explore Fort Rodney ruins which were built under British in 18th century.

Rain Forest Adventure Aerial Tram is a gondola of eight-seater. It goes up and down at a mountainside of the rainforest canopy and it is past giant ficus trees with hummingbirds and dazzling heliconias. It is over a river that gushes within the ravine and there is always an informative guide that works with the tourists. The experience is pleasant and it offers a serene ambient. In case the ride is not the first choice, you may also go to the zip lining at the down of the mountainside. However, the tourists have to book ahead before they turn up to any activity.

Lushan country life: the place is an on seven acres of forest and acres where the family has turned in a charming place. It has trails within the ground and it is informative guides which points out the types of different herbs, plants, trees and birds. There is food tasting points in the place.

Castries: even if this capital city of Saint Lucia may not be the best place on the island, it deserves attention. A person can start his visit at colorful market near the waterfront and afterwards stroll at Derek Walcott. It was named after the famous playwright and poet of Saint Lucia. He got a Nobel Prize of Literature. A grassy point is a focal point of St Castries.

Mamiku Gardens is set at the coast and it is a 12 acre botanical garden. It is a tranquil and scenic spot. The paths are made in the grounds while the ruined cottage and the steam go around the hillside. The tourist gets a booklet that they can use to know 300 numbers of plants and trees in the garden.

Marigot Bay is fringed with steep hills and mangroves. Its deep and natural harbor has fancy yachts and they are beautiful. They are easily found at the moor called hurricane hole.

Morne Coubaril Estate Zip-lining is a new zip lining place at St Lucia. It has cables that the tourists use under instructors. They may whiz within the platforms and they are high up to old plantation and trees. The tourist can also get the view of Soufriere here.

Shopping: Tourists who like vegetable and fruits market are recommended at Saturday morning where the market is lively and colorful.

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