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S79AC Mahe Island Praslin Island Seychelles

Eric, OE4AAC will be active from Seychelles January- February 2015 as S79AC.
He will operate from Mahe Island and Praslin Island on 40-10m CW.
QSL via home call, OQRS.

Seychelles islands and why you should visit it

Seychelles is a small island nation and it is located in Indian Ocean near Madagascar. The country is archipelago of more than150 tropical islands, some coral and some granite. Some of these islands are too small and there is none who live on them. Most people live in Mahe, while others are in La Digue and Praslin. A third of the island is Mahe island while another third is Atoll of Aldabra.

There are two different regions in the area, the coralline outer island and granite rock. The granite islands are Old Island in the ocean while the outer islands are new. However, St Pierre and Aldabra are unique. They are coral island that had submerged and emerged in the history of their existence. The place has inner islands which are the collective term that it is used for 45 islands of Seychelles where there is at least 99 percent of population. The archipelago had been created many years ago with the separation of the India away from Africa by the undersea volcanoes which are similar to these that created Reunion and Mauritius. As the time passes, Most of this land also submerged in the water.

The outer islands are made up by the coralline island. The coral island is flat and it is elevate by the coral reefs on different stage of its formation. They do not have fresh water and they can sustain the human life with difficulty.


Seychelles is within the group of granitic of Mascarene Plateau and it broke away from the Indian Plate. The rift formation works with the Reunion hotspot and it is also responsible for the Deccan traps and Reunion Island. Since the island is isolated, it hosts many species such as palms and coco de mer. They have also the largest giant tortoises.

Seychelles S79AC Tourist attractions


Seychelles climate is healthy and equable but it is also humid. The island is small and it is under the marine influence. The temperature can vary within the years while the temperature at Mahe starts from 24 to 30oc. The rainfall is from 2,900mm to 3,600mm at the mountain slopes. Precipitation is normally less with other islands. In the coolest month of August and July, the southest trade may wind and blow regularly starting from May up to November. This is the time which is the most pleasant of a year. The hot months start from December up to April and it has a high humidity. While March to April are the hottest period but the temperature does not exceed 31oC. Many islands are found outside of the cyclone belt so that high winds are not usual.

Fauna and Flora

The ecology of Seychelles is unique and this is testified by the million project of the Global Environment Trust Fund for the World Bank and it is entitled Biodiversity Conservation and Marine Pollution Abatement. The project started in 1993. World Bank research found out that the island has more than 1100 flowering plants, 15 birds, 30 reptiles, 3 mammals and many species of invertebrates, spiders, insects and snails. The diversity is being assessed more by Nature Protection Trust of Seychelles. Water has also 1000 types of fish and at least one third is only found in the coral reefs. There are specific examples of the unique birds which are Black Paradise Flycatcher, Black Parrot, flightless rail and brush warbler. Seychelles is also famous with genus Aldabrachelys and giant tortoises.

Praslin Island Seychelles S79AC

Environmental challenge

The waters suffer the pollution because of the extensive shipping of Seychelles which is needed for the fishing of commercial tuna. The goats that were brought on Aladabra Island are also destroying most of the vegetation where the giant tortoise normally seek the shade or on what he feeds on. The rats have reduced the biodiversity on the island and the climate change is becoming an issue. It came to attention of the research recently that this had lead to extinction of the snail called Rhachistia Aldabrae.

Seychelles started to get involved into the conservation program since 1960 and it formed Nature Conservancy Commission which was named afterwards as Seychelles National Environment Commission. This is a system of the national parks with the animal preserves that covers 42percent of the land area and its surrounding part that has been put aside.

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What to do in Seychelles

Mahe is considered as one of the largest island of Seychelles and its best beach is Anse Major. It is accessed by foot or by using a fishing boat. Snorkeling is the activity that it is most preferred here and it is supervised by the Tourist police. They normally sit under a tree and they keep what you have safe while you are swimming.

You can also consider to go hiking. Most of the area of Mahe starting from Morne Seychelles is a mountain and it is covered by a luxuriant green. It has a luxuriant green area and squadrons of tropic birds over Jurassic forest. You can explore the area when you go hiking in a half day.

When you are at Mahe, you will be able to see the small granite island of La Digue and Praslin which lye one at the side of the other. You may reach them when you use a speed ferry or by swashbuckling. La Digue beaches are pretty.

Victoria is a considered as the small capital of Seychelles. You may explore it within two hour stroll and it highlights the silver painted replica of Little Ben of London. The street is not busy but only on Saturday morning and there are some small shops where you can find the samosas.

Enjoy a Cadbury treat when you to Aride island and see its pristine state because it has been discovered by the outside of the world. The island is one of the best tropical islands that have been preserved by the nature. It has also the most number of bird species on the island.

Beau Vallon is also the place where you should be. It is the favorite of many tourists and locals. You can find many dive centers and hotels which are dotted at the beach.

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