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VP9/N3AD Bermuda Islands

N3AD will be active from Bermuda Islands in CQ WW DX SSB Contest 29 - 30 October 2016 as VP9/N3AD.
He will operate in SOAB LP Category.
QSL via W3HNK.
Ads for direct QSL:
JOSEPH L ARCURE, JR, PO BOX 68, Dallastown, PA 17313, USA.

Bermuda Island: A Tropical Haven

Welcome to Bermuda!

The Bermuda Island, or legally documented as ‘The Somers Isles’ or ‘The Bermudas’ is in the north Atlantic Ocean and part of the British overseas territory. Cape Hatteras is nearest to the island at a distance of 1,030 kilometres northwest, Cape Sable Island is at a distance of 1,239 kilometres south, and Miami is at 1,770 kilometres East of Bermuda. The capital city of Bermuda is Hamilton. The official and unofficial anthems of Bermuda are ‘God save the Queen’ and ‘Hail to Bermuda’ respectively.

The island was discovered by a Spanish sea captain Juan de Bermudez, it is very relevant who the island is named after. It was discovered in 1503 and he proclaimed the uninhabited islands as a part of the Spanish empire. Even so, Bermudez never landed on the islands himself as he did not want to risk crossing the treacherous reef surrounding them.

Bermuda is actually a volcanic rock created by a volcanic eruption over 100 million years ago the surface is limestone rock and the rock from sea level to 200 feet up is volcanic rock. Bermuda is not a single island but a cluster of many islands, about 181 islands to be exact!

Bermuda, “Island or Islands?” – Geographical Aspects:

The Bermudas is an archipelago, having a total of 181 islands. Seven of the largest islands are connected by bridge whereas only 20 of the 181 islands are inhabited. The smaller islands are so small that only a bird’s nest could fit on them. The total area of the island is 53.2 kilometres (20.6 square miles) and out of which the tiny islands hold 21 square miles of the total area. The percentage area of water on the island is about 27% of the total land mass. The shape of the island resembles a dot but on a closer view it is much similar to the shape of a fish hook, the stem extending to the northeast and the end bending to the southwest. The largest island is called the ‘Main Island’ also sometimes referred to as Bermuda.

Bermuda Islands VP9/N3AD DXing

Climatic Aspects:

The climate of the island can be categorised in the humid subtropical climate. The warmness in the climate is because of the Gulf Stream, due to the westerlies which carries humid winds eastwards of Bermuda, causing the winters to be milder. As the climate is humid the heat indexes are also high though temperature rarely exceed 30 °C in mid – August. It is windy in winters. The cold fronts carry arctic cold winds that cause the temperatures to drop. The average temperature in January – February is around 20 °C. In February 1950, the lowest temperature was recorded at 6.7 °C.

Bermuda is also located in the hurricane belt. And hence it is in the way of many passing hurricanes, though the strength of the hurricanes usually weakens till it reaches the island. The most recent hurricane was the ‘Hurricane Gonzalo’ in 2014 that caused damage.

Bermuda Islands DX News VP9/N3AD

Municipals and Government:

The capital is Hamilton. Bermuda is divided into two incorporated municipals namely Hamilton (city) and St. George’s (town) and nine parishes namely St George’s, Warwick, Sandy’s, Smith’s, Southampton, Pembroke, Paget, Devonshire and Hamilton.

It also has two informal villages namely Somerset village and Flatts village

Cashew city, Clay town, Tucker’s town Jones Village and Middle town are neighbourhoods.

Bermuda is currently being ruled by the ‘One Bermuda Alliance party’ known commonly as OBA. They came into power in December 2012. Before, the island was ruled by the Progressive Labour Party for 14 years, from 1998 to 2012.


As recorded in the 2010 census of the Bermudas, the island has 64,237 inhabitants. The ratio of the different races on the island were 54% black, 31% white, 8% multiracial, 4% Asian and 4% other races. 67% of the population was made of natives Bermudans whereas 29% were non-natives. Their official language is English.

Bermudan Economy:

The Bermudan pound was replaced with the Bermudan dollar in 1970. US currency can be used on the island and is used normally in everyday life but the banks have levied an exchange rate fee to convert the currency into Bermudan dollar. Bermuda’s GDP was 5.85 billion per capita in 2007 as stated by the Bermuda Government’s economic statistic division, which made the island to have the highest amount of per capita GDP in the world.

It is also an offshore financial centre due to its loose laws and regulations of trade. It also has one of the highest consumption taxes in the world.

As Bermuda has no corporate income tax system has made it a prime location for tax avoidance. Tourism, government employment and off- shore businesses are the largest business sectors of Bermuda, but according to 2007 Irish press report, many businesses were shifting from Bermuda to Ireland in search of a much more stable environment.

Bermuda Islands VP9/N3AD

Culture and Art:

The culture of Bermuda is a blend of many cultures due to its varied inhabitants. English, Irish, Scottish, Native-American and Spanish Caribbean cultures are dominant. English is the official language but a many of the people also speak Portuguese. The accent is strongly influenced by British and Afro-Caribbean accents.

Reggae has adopted by many natives as the music they want to hear. Calypso music was a source of tourist attraction after the Second World War. Music and dance are very important in the Bermudan region.


Bermuda is a famous tourist location as the pink sandy beaches and cerulean blue oceans are a must see and must experience trait of the island. The south shore of the island is home to many hotels. There are also many sightseeing locations on the island. Scuba diving facilities are available for the tourists to explore the beautiful coral reefs and the mysterious shipwrecks.

Some interesting facts:

  • Bermuda shorts are the most famous attire for men to wear on the island. The shorts are paired with a jacket, tie and knee socks.
  • Bermuda is the oldest British colony.
  • Bermudan breakfast is potatoes and codfish.
  • Bermuda has the most golf courses per capita than any country in the world.
  • Bermudan people are also referred as onions in slang.
  • The ‘goodwill’ ambassador (so to speak), is Johnny Barnes. He appointed himself as such and has been greeting all the people who come and go to Hamilton for over 20 years. An honorary statue has been also made for his work.

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