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WP3E Puerto Rico

Members of Combete Contest Group, WP4WW, NP4RA, NP3RE, KP4CPC, NP4EG, WP3HP will be active from Puerto Rico in CQ WW DX SSB Contest 29 - 30 October 2016 as WP3E.
They will operate in M/? Category.

Puerto Rico WP3E ImagePuerto Rico. Author - Breezy Baldwin.

Puerto Rico WP3E DX News Playa Tres Palmas, Rincon.Playa Tres Palmas, Rincon, Puerto Rico. Author - Pedro Lastra.

Puerto Rico WP3E Tourist attractions spot Night Sky, Palm Tree and Jupiter.
Night Sky, Palm Tree and Jupiter, Puerto Rico. Author - Valentin Lyakhovich.

Video Puerto Rico

Where is Puerto Rico located. Map.

WP3E Puerto Rico. Sunrise 07-20-2024 at 09:59 GMT sunset at 23:06 GMT
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