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WRTC 2014 Slovak Contest Group

WRTC2014 Profile - The Slovak Contest Group

Slovak Republic Map Slovak Contest Club

The Slovak Republic landlocked in Central Europe. The location of the OM8A station and the members of the group.

This is a very unusual case when a small contest club in a small country is represented in the WRTC competition by four members second time in a row. Slovakia is small and not so populous, but in certain fields it is called The Tatra Tiger. Now, I can reveal that this nickname is suitable even in the world of Amateur Radio contesting.

The group consists of ten persons scattered over half of the country, so it is not a local club, but rather a selected elite. Sometimes the OM8A team is refered to as creme de la creme of Slovak contesting. The location of the station is marked with a red star in the very bottom of the map, close to the Danube. This place was chosen by Tibi, OM3RM, ten years ago and the group was formally registered as OM8A. It has been very hectic ten years. At least sixteen antenna towers have been erected on site, hundreds of antenna elements mounted on these towers, miles of feedlines installed, a house constructed, hundreds of thousand contest contacts logged, just to name a few essential things . In the meantime, part of the OM8A team started a manufacturing business known as OM-Power, some members have guest operated from other stations (e.g. CR3L and D4C).
Those going to WRTC2014 are: Tibi, OM3RM, now 58 years old and the manager of OM-Power. He lives halfway between the OM8A and the capital city Bratislava. Close to him lives the youngest of the four Slovak competitiors in the WRTC2014, Laci, OM2VL. Laci is 44 years old. The two will compete as a team.

The second team from Slovakia is formed by Rasto, OM3BH, who lives in north-western part of the country and is 46 years old. His teammate is Jozo, OM3GI, who lives in the northern, mountainous part of Slovakia. Jozo is 54 years old and is the chief engineer of OM-Power. It will be the third time the two take part in WRTC as a team.

The call signs of the above are marked in purple on the map. Other members of the OM8A group are marked with blue. The tenth member lives in Austria, not marked on the map.
Let the photographs talk now. When I visited the site of The Slovak Contest Group last September, they were working on the antennas and feedlines. So I could not take typical pictures of operators at the radios. Except of one - Laci, OM2VL, could not resist and took part in a North American QSO Party while the rest of the workforce enjoyed working in the open air.

Slovak Republic OM8A Antennas
The large antenna field of OM8A.

Slovak Republic OM8A Towers
Wide angle lens is not wide enough to cover all antenna towers of OM8A.

Slovak Republic OM8A Feeders
Part of the workforce at OM8A dealing with feedlines.

Slovak Republic OM8A OM3RM OM3GI OM3BH
Tibi, OM3RM, on the right, shows the steps of a local folk dance? Jozo. OM3GI, is sitting while Rasto, OM3BH, tries to learn the dance.

Slovak Republic OM8A Towers and Antennas
The tower density figure here is the highest in this part of the world.

Slovak Republic OM8A OM3GI
Jozo, OM3GI, normally works with OM-Power amplifiers so this picnic-style job is a nice break.

Slovak Republic OM8A WRTC 2014
75% of the OM8A representation in WRTC2014 handle feedlines.

Slovak Republic OM8A View Antenna Farm
Another wide-angle view of the OM8A antenna farm.

Slovak Republic OM8A OM3BH
Rasto, OM3BH, at the base of the 50-meter-high tower with part of the 80-meter-band Yagi visible over his head.

Slovak Republic OM3BH OM3RM OM3GI

Slovak Republic OM8A OM7JG
Julo, OM7JG, was a referee at the WRTC2010.

Slovak Republic OM8A OM2VL
Laci, OM2VL, at one of the OM8A operating positions combines computer logging with manual telegraphy.

Slovak Republic OM8A Trophies
Only part of the recent trophies of the OM8A Slovak Contest Group.

Slovak Republic OM8A Contest Location
I say "farewell" to OM8A, but hope to visit this place again.

text and photographs
Henryk Kotowski, SM0JHF
Slovak Contest Group OM8A AT Contesting article

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Rating: 5 of 5
  • Callsign: SM0JHF
  • 2014-07-23 13:16:36
Congratulations to Rasto, OM3BH and Jozo, OM3GI for the second place in WRTC2014. The competition was very hard, and quite different propagation from that of Central Europe, the jet-lag and the low power did not prevent them from reaching such a honorable position. Other members of the OM8A group placed: 22 - OE3DIA (also OM3LA), 40 - OM2VL & OM3RM.
Rating: 5 of 5
  • Callsign: SM0JHF
  • 2014-05-14 19:04:06
Now I have discovered that the fifth member of OM8A is going to WRTC2014, but representing Austria. Ivan, OM3LA is also OE3DIA, which I had missed before I wrote my story.
Rating: 5 of 5
Marvin Hlavac
  • Callsign: VE3VEE
  • 2014-05-14 18:42:51
The best of luck to the Slovak team.