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YB9KA Lombok Island

Gabor, HA3JB inform that Kardi, YB9KA is active from Lombok Island (IOTA OC-150).
Recent DX Spots YB9KA
He is working on on 160- 10m.
Kardi favorite mode SSB QRP.
QSL via HA3JB.

Antennas :

- 160 Meter Mono Band Wire Deltaloop (Homebrew)

- 80 Meter Mono Band Wire Deltaloop 3 Elemen Yagi (Homebrew)

- 40 Meter Mono Band Basoka + 6 Elemen WireYagi (Hombrew) Direction to America.

- 40 Meter Mono Band Basoka + 6 Elemen Wire Yagi (Hombrew) Direction to Europe.

- 40 Meter Mono Band Wire Deltaloop 5 Elemen Yagi (Homebrew) > Direction to Africa.

- 20 Meter Mono Band Dipole Tubing & Doble Basoka (Homebrew)

- 17 Meter Mono Band 3 Elemen Yagi (Homebrew)

- 15 Meter Mono Band 3 Elemen Yagi (Homebrew)

- 12 Meter Mono Band 3 Elemen Yagi (Homebrew)

- 10 Meter Mono Band 3 Elemen Yagi (Homebrew)

Lombok Island

This is an island that is situated in the West of the Nusa Tenggara province in Indonesia and forms part of the chains of the Lesser Sunda Islands. It is separated from other Islands by the Lombok Strait with Bali bordering it on the west and Alas Strait and Sumbwa on the eastern side. Its provincial capital is located in the Matalan and the Island is roughly circular with a tail on its southern part. The island is sparsely populated and it is surrounded by smaller islands and with this it is considered as the home to most of the Indonesians with a population of approximately 3.1 million. The Island is headed by a governor who administers his services from the provincial capital of Mataram.

The Island was discovered in the 17th century and at this time little was known about the climate, geography and the existence of the flora and fauna. During the world war the island was invaded by the Japanese who made the region their hiding place.

The inhabitants of the region are Sasak who are believed to have originated from Java in the first millennium. There are other residents like the Balinese, Javanese, Arab Indonesians, Sumbawenese and the Tionghoa-peranakan. The inhabitants are believed to be very religious; they are predominantly muslins though there are shades of Buddhist and Hindus. The arrival of the Muslim culture brought upon the idea of trading and this became one of the main sources of income of Lombok Island. With time there was the introduction of the Muslim orthodox religion and the population these followers increased massively. It also led to the conformity of the religions in the area and in the world Lombok ids identified as one of the most religious cities. It was also the factor that differentiated the habitats of the island since they were always divided along these lines. The Hindus and the Muslims are therefore more compared to other religions. Christianity is practiced by very few people in the region. It is common among the immigrants who originated from Bali and East North of the Tengran. There are therefore Roman Catholic churches.

Lombok Island YB9KA

There are also Arabs who settled in the island on its discovery though they are very few in number. In every country, city and state there are always those individuals who are not religious. In the Lombok Island they are identified as the non orthodox group and they are usually addressed as the Wektu Telu. They usually pray three times instead of five times a day and their beliefs are mostly entitled to animals which are not influenced by the Muslim religion.

There are also pagans in the region and they are usually given the title Boda and they only believe in the Sasak culture. They basically believe in the existence of spirits and ghosts. They are very traditional and they always regard water and food indispensable whenever they seek to communicate with their spirits. They usually communicate with the dead and believe that they act as their mediator. They regard their ritualistic traditional beliefs as solutions whenever they face any problems. They practice magic in order to cure illnesses and ward away any evil occurrences. There are usually practitioners who are powerful and their major role is to ensure that there are no evil occurrences in the region. In return they are usually gifted with money and other valuables as a sign of appreciation. They are also respected and believed to be mediators between the people and the spirits of the Island.

Lombok Island YB9KA QSL


The people of the Island are known to maintain the ambiance and the perfect nature making the Island the second best destination for both international and domestic tourism. Tourism is therefore there major source of income. They have retained their environment in their original form making the island very spectacular. In addition there are no industries that pollute the natural environment and the existence of the indigenous flora and fauna. In addition they usually hold a standalone campaigns and other celebrations that educate the residents on the importance of mantaining an environment that is friendly and none polluted.

The most developed area on the Island is located on the west Coast and is centered about the township. In the northeastern part of the island there is the Gili Islands that is immediately offshore the significance of the island is that it acts as the main server to the people. There are other three islands that border the main island and they can be accessed by using boats.

The ambiance of the hotels and the relaxing resorts attracts most of its tourists. They are located near the Beaches and this has made the Island to be recognized in the world. Apart from the islands and the surrounding beaches, there are other tourist destinations including Mount Rinjani, Gili Lawang, Gili Bidara, Namarda park that is home to the most amazing animals, Manyura Park and the popular Kuta. Sekotong is another location situated in the southwest of the Lombok Island and is popular because of the serene environment and the availability of unique species of animals, birds and trees.

The Southern part of Lombok Island is considered as one of the best surfing regions in the world while the Heard Island is ample because of the existence of calm weather and the South East trade winds that blow like the clock work. The northern part of the island is also known because of the availability of marine lives that are perfect to watch.

The climate

The climatic condition of the region is mainly tropical and the temperatures are therefore supportive. The area experiences abundant rainfall hence making the region a perfect agricultural hub. The soils are also fertile and this is an additional aspect to the agricultural sector. The suitability of the weather conditions has also enabled the survival of the most unique plant species, animals and birds that are only found in this region.

In order to access the Lombok Island, one can opt to use air or water because of the availability of planes and boats.

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