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YF1AR Java Island 80m yagi

Budi, YF1AR will be active from Java Island, IOTA OC - 021, several days starting 31 August 2016 as YF1AR.
He will operate on 80m CW using 2 element full size yagi on 40m height self supporting tower.
He will use 100 watt transceiver.
He will be QRV from YC1CT.

YF1AR Java Island 80m 2 element yagi
YF1AR. 2 element yagi 80m.

Java Island YC1CT Antenna FarmJava Island. YC1CT Antenna Farm.

Java Island YC1CT YF1AR
Java Island. YC1CT and YF1AR.

Java Island YF1AR QRV Icom 7800
Java Island. YF1AR QRV Icom 7800.

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