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YN2AA Nicaragua 2013

I will be operating again as YN2AA for CQWW SSB this year (2013).
I will arrive around October 22 and be operational on all bands, SSB and CW, pre-contest, including 6 meters.
If anyone needs YN for a new country on a given band/mode I am happy to entertain those requests, pre-contest.
During the contest, I will be SOAB HP, with yagis on 10-40M, and wires on 80/160.
A second 40M yagi should increase my 40M signal from previous operations.
40M has been a strong band for me before, this year should be much better, especially to Asia.
If you would be interested in publishing my operation on your site,
it would be much appreciated.

Thank you,
Jeff N6GQ, YN2AA

Nicaragua YN2AA DX News 2013

Nicaragua YN2AA 2013

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