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ZD7BR Saint Helena Island

Bill, G0VDE will be active from Saint Helena Island (IOTA AF-022) 14 - 21 October 2017 as ZD7BR not ZD7VDE as announced earlier.
He will operate on HF Bands.
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ZD7BR News 14 September 2017

I planned a DXpedition to ZD7, St Helena over a year ago which I unfortunately had to cancel due to commercial fights not starting as planned. Well, they are finally starting on 14th October 2017 and I am hoping to be on the first commercial flights to St Helena after all! I am planning to stay for one week for this trip, and will be operating SSB and some Data (maybe even FT8!). As I planned last year, I am staying in self-catering accommodation a couple of miles from Jamestown, on a plateau above the town with a good take-off to the W, N and E. The radios I am planning to take are FT 991 and FT891 and a Juma PA1000, with a vertical antenna and a variety of wires, dipoles and fibreglass supports. I have setup a website at My callsign should be ZD7VDE. On-line log with be via Clublog and QSLs via OQRS. Many thanks and please contact me if you need more information. Please note that it is possible the flights may be delayed and I may travel later than 14th October - see my website for more information. Bill G0VDE

ZD7BR News 27 April 2016

I've just received the disappointing news that the opening of St Helena airport has been postponed.
Following the recent 'implementation flight' it appears there were issues with turbulence and windshear on approach to the runway from the north.
As a result of the data gathered and the conditions experienced, it has been decided that there is some additional work to be done in order to ensure the safe operation
of scheduled passenger flights to and from St Helena Airport.
This is obviously disappointing but safety at a new airport is clearly paramount.
The dates of my operation will be later in the summer, and I will let you know as soon as more information is available.

All the best, Bill G0VDE

St Helena Island –The Island

Whenever you search for an isolated area in the Atlantic Ocean, St Helena Island will be one of the
best destinations. Discovered in 1502, it boasts a great history that refers to
several key periods in the global history. Governed by the E.I.C., the island belonged
to Britain and eventually became a strategic port until steamships were invented.

The unique location of the island affected its historical role greatly. Apart from the 6000
South African Boer prisoners of war that were kept on the island during 1900-1902, it is also the last
resting place for Napoleon, and other famous people who died there.

Apart from the unique nature, here you can touch history on every step featuring numerous
fortifications, constructions and remains described in various stories and novels.

Saint Helena Island ZD7BR World oldest reptile.World oldest reptile, Saint Helena Island. Author - David Stanley.
The world's oldest reptile, Jonathan the tortoise, resides on the grounds of Plantation House. The animal may already have been 50 years old when it arrived on St Helena Island from Seychelles in 1882.

Who is Helena?

St Helena is traditionally commemorated in May 21. She was a mother of Constantine the Great. Married to Constantius Chlorus, Helena than divorced in 294 because of her husband’s political ambitions. Her son was eager to show his dedication and great honor of his mother. For this reason, Helena was later granted an imperial title also known as “Augusta”. As soon as Constantine started to rule the West Empire, he established the Edict of Milan providing his mother eternal religious tolerance. That was the starting point for Christians to practice their faith having no fear of other religions.

Saint Helena Island ZD7BR DX News Jamestown.Jamestown, Saint Helena Island. Author - Robert Broussard.

The First Governor – Captain John

In 1659, Captain John Dutton led his fleet to an isolated area accompanied by a few slaves and some of his teammates who were actually the first settlers while the captain appeared to be the first governor of the island. The Dutch were helpless to regain the territory. However, they could nothing to do with the E.I.C. and its “legal and responsible manner” to reign. From that time, St Helena Island was British only later possessed by the crown.
Though obtaining the position of governor for only two years, John Dutton gave a boost to a wave of settlers who kept coming here until 1792. That was the boiling point featuring a higher number of slaves if compared with civilians. The government prohibited slave supplies in order to balance the population that further consisted of British soldiers. Some slaves were still brought from India and Africa.

Construction of the Main Street

The 18th century came along with revival featuring numerous new buildings and fortifications constructed within a short period. This was the time when the legendary main street appeared. However, it was constructed yet to be later destroyed. Nevertheless, rebuilt during the 19th century, Jamestown was doomed to become not only the main street but also the capital of the island. It can boast a unique and rather tough location in a narrow valley featuring 500 ft cliffs making the climbing extremely challenging.

Saint Helena Island ZD7BR Tourist attractions spot Masked Booby.Masked Booby, Saint Helena Island. Author - Paul Carrol.

New Economic Deathblow

Island’s settlers was forced to take several tough challenges when it came to economy and labor. The Suez Canal opening in 1869 appeared to be another deathblow for the St Helena’s infrastructure. It gave a boost for a more intensive immigration that was launched several years before. Moreover, a new pack of prisoners was delivered in 1890. This fact left the island without any further prosperities for the population. Though considered to boost economy, over six thousand prisoners enabled a new wave of immigration.
The 1900s appeared to be a crucial moment for the island and its settlers. The economy was so poor that all men left their homes in search of better employment conditions. The situation resulted in the only 100 men by 1949. The flax export appeared to be the one-and-only industry in the area. The work was paid rather poorly and there was nothing to fix the situation. Only around present times, the island has witnessed the development of its educational system that offered a selection of GCE subjects featuring the grand opening of prestigious high schools and other educational establishments. It was a great opportunity for local children to evolve and benefit from the UK’s tertiary academic progress.

Talk Like Saints

Though featuring a strong accent, people here speak English. They use usual English words in a very unusual manner. This fact gave a birth to a new British dialect also known as “Saint”. The culture here can be described as the melting pot featuring many religions and views customized to current conditions. African, Indian and Madagascar immigrants affected the way people live here until now breaking linguistic and cultural edges.

ZD7BR. Where is Saint Helena Island located. Map.

ZD7BR Saint Helena Island. Sunrise 03-01-2024 at 06:22 GMT sunset at 18:48 GMT
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