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ZD9EI Tristan da Cunha Island

ZD9EI Team will be active from Tristan da Cunha Island, IOTA AF - 029, in September 2019.
Team - EI6FR, EI9HX, 9V1YC.
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ZD9EI call is not confirmed yet.ZD9EI Log search
More information soon.

ZD9EI DX Pedition cancelled.

ZD9EI Tristan da Cunha from the sea.Tristan da Cunha from the sea. Author - Spixey.

ZD9EI Tristan da Cunha DX NewsTristan da Cunha. Author - Milene and Yuri.

ZD9EI Tristan da Cunha Tourist attractions spotTristan da Cunha. Author - Piotr and Viola.

ZD9EI. Where is Tristan da Cunha located. Map.

ZD9EI Tristan da Cunha Island. Sunrise 09-29-2020 at 06:25 GMT sunset at 18:53 GMT
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