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ZD9ZS Tristan da Cunha Island

Paul, ZS1S will be active from Tristan da Cunha Island September/October 2014 as ZD9ZS.
He will be active on HF Bands.
QSL via home call direct.
Information from ZS1S:

ZS1S, using the call sign ZD9ZS(South Africa and S, it seemed a good combination)and a well known UK (G3xxx) operator, the ZD9 call sign will be announced in due course, will be visiting Tristan da Cunha in September/October 2014, travelling to and from Cape Town on the South African Antarctic supply ship, the SA Agulhas II.

Agreement has been obtained from the Head of Tristan Radio to use the call sign, ZD9ZS.

The finer details will be made known in the coming weeks.


Tristan da Cunha ZD9ZS

Tristan da Cunha is volcanic island in South Atlantic Ocean.

Capital city- Edinburgh of the Seven Seas.
British Overseas Territory.
Time- UTC.
International phone code- +290.
Amateur Radio prefix- ZD9.
WAC continent- Africa.
DXCC country- Tristan da Cunha ZD9.
CQ Amateur Radio Magazine zone- CQ 38.
International Telecommunication Union zone- ITU-66.
RSGB IOTA Award reference- Tristan da Cunha Island IOTA AF-029, Gough Island IOTA AF-030.
QTH locator- Tristan da Cunha IF32, Gough Island IE59.

Video ZD9XF and ZD9XF

Tristan da Cunha

The Island of Tristan da Cunha, also known as Tristan, is a remote group of volcanic islands situated in the southern part of the Atlantic Ocean. Lying 1243 miles from the nearest inhabited island, St. Helena, this island has a north-south length of 7 miles and an area of 37.8 square miles. A part of the British overseas territory, the island of Tristan da Cunha has a population of only 297. The island was first sighted by the Portuguese explorer Tristan da Cunha in 1506 but the first actual recorded landing was in 1643 by the crew of the Heemstede. The first permanent settler on this island was Jonathan Lambert with two other men in 1810 and was later joined by Andrew Millet. However, three of the four original settlers died in 1812 while the only remaining survivor remained as a farmer.

The Island was annexed in 1816 by the British in order to ensure that the French were unable to use the island as a base to rescue Napolean Bonaparte. Britain also wanted to prevented the United States of America from using the island as a cruiser base, as it had during the War of 1812. Being occupied by a British garrison, a civilian population gradually built up on the island.

During World War II the island was used as a Royal Navy weather and radio station and in 1958 the United States detonated an atomic bomb 124 miles high and about 99 miles south east of the Island, as part of an experiment. With the eruption of Queen Mary’s Peak in 1961, the whole island was forced to evacuate to England but most of the families returned in 1963.

The Island of Tristan is quite mountainous. The only flat area on the whole island is the village, Edinburgh of the Seven Seas. While the island has a wet oceanic type of climate with pleasant temperatures, it has consistent moderate to heavy rainfall and very limited sunshine due to the westerly winds.

Tristan da Cunha’s top attractions

Gough Island

Though Gough Island is a UK territory, South Africa leases a portion of the island from the UK. First discovered by Captain Gough in 1721, the island originally was known as Diego Alvarez, but the new name bought more attention to the Island. The island has no specific sheltered harbour and the only suitable landing place is at Glen Anchorage on the Island’s east coast. Tourists can only visit the island during the days there are no accommodations to be found here. The SA Agulhas is the only boat that makes the voyage to the island, tourists can book voyages on this boat to see the island. But it is very risky as there are no specific roadways on the island and incredibly dense vegetation.

Trip to Inaccessible Island

Made a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1995, despite its name the island is accessible but only with guides from the island of Tristan da Cunha. Tourists can come to the island as part of a cruise ship and since there are no permanent settlements on the island carrying food and water is a good option.

Tristan da Cunha Island ZD9ZS DX News

Climb the volcano

A very weather dependent outing, tourists can hike up the volcano to reach the First Base, also known as the plateau above the settlement. If it’s a very clear day then tourists can reach the summit, also known as Queen Mary’s Peak. But a guide is required to help tourists up the volcano. Also, tourists must take into consideration that it is still an active volcano so caution must be taken while approaching it.

Visit to the fish factory

The Island was originally set up by whalers and the occupation of fishing still continues. Tourists can visit the local fish factory and see how fish, after being captured from the surrounding waters, are packed and shipped to different parts of the world.

Tourism Centre

The Island has a Tourism Centre where tourists can pick up local curios. Handicrafts and souvenirs indigenous to the Island can be found in the tourism centre.

Visit to Saint Helena

Saint Helena is famous for being the prison of one of the most important and influential men of the world, Napoleon Bonaparte. Discovered by the Portuguese, it soon became a British colony, where British ships could dock and resupply themselves with food, ammunitions and livestock. The British East India Company decided to govern Saint Helena and fortified her and colonised the island with planters. The fort that was built by the British soldiers was used to imprison the great general Napoleon Bonaparte.

Today, Tourists can visit this island and see the actual living quarters of the great General. The island is sparsely populated and tourists can visit the local fort and plantations.

Visit to the local golf course

Tourists who wish to experience the local culture must play golf on the local course. The most rugged golf course ever made, tourists can play golf with the local population. But tourists must pay attention to the cows and chickens running across the golf course, otherwise the hole in one may lead to a disaster.

Tristan da Cunha Island ZD9ZS

Visit to Edinburgh of the Seven Seas

The only town in the whole island, it is the hub of the people living on this island. Tourists can sit in the local pub and enjoy a drink or two with the local people. There are many trinkets to buy in this town. The local people are very hospitable and will offer tourists lunch or dinner with their families in their own homes.

Tristan da Cunha Island ZD9ZS Map Where is Tristan da Cunha Island located

While visiting the Island of Tristan da Conha tourists must be warned that it is not an easy journey. There are many hardships to be faced including absence of luxuries and being at the mercy of the weather. But if one is thirsty for adventure and has the sea legs to accompany it, then this group of islands are to be visited. For no other group is so rich in history as these ones.

Video Tristan da Cunha Island documentary

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