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3B9KW 3B9/M0CFW Rodrigues Island

Kazu, M0CFW will be active as 3B9KW from Rodrigues Island, IOTA AF - 017, in CQ WW DX CW Contest, 23 - 24 November 2024.
He will operate in Single Operator Category.
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Recent DX Spots 3B9/M0CFW
22 - 30 November 2024 he will be active as 3B9/M0CFW.
DXCC Country - Rodrigues Island, 3B9.

Rodrigues Island - an unforgettable vacation on the shores of the Indian Ocean

Rodrigues Island belongs to the group of Mascarene Islands and is the easternmost of the archipelago. The island has a political status of autonomy, being part of the Republic of Mauritius. With an area of 104 square kilometers, the island is surrounded on all sides by coral reefs. The island reaches its highest altitude of 398 meters above sea level at the top of Mount Limon.

The unforgettable nature of Rodrigues Island: a verdant oasis amidst the ocean waves

Surrounded by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, the island has a rich flora and fauna. Rodrigues is home to 42 species of trees found nowhere else in the world. It is also home to the unique Pteropus rodricensis bat, which is also endemic to the area. The coral that forms the reefs around the perimeter of the island is also unique. The island has a large number of picturesque beaches with excellent sea views. The best of them are located on the western and southern shores of Rodrigues. A large number of yachts and boats travel around the island, and the ocean fauna provides all the opportunities for fishing and scuba diving.

3B9KW Rodrigues IslandRodrigues Island. Author - Ludovic Lubeigt.

A brief history of the island from colonial times to modern times

European civilization became aware of the existence of Rodrigues in 1528 through the discovery of Portuguese explorer Diogo Rodrigues. During the European colonization of India, the territory of the island was used by the Dutch East India Company for two years, between 1691 and 1693. In the XVIII century, Rodrigues was colonized by the French, who imported slaves from Madagascar. And in the early XIX century the island became part of the territories of the British Crown as part of the colony of Mauritius. In 1968, the colony gained independence, and Rodrigues Island became part of the newly independent state. In the present century the island has acquired the status of autonomy within Mauritius, and since 2003 it has its own council with representation in the Parliament of the Republic.

3B9KW Rodrigues Island DX NewsRodrigues Island. Author - effisk.

Opportunities for tourism in Rodriguez

Tourism is the engine of the island's economy. Rodriguez has a large number of modern hotels and tourist complexes providing world-class accommodation and service. Popular among vacationers are excursions around the island and trips on recreational watercraft, as well as fishing and recreation in various entertainment venues on the island. The capital of Rodriguez, Port Manturin, has the most developed infrastructure for tourists, located in the northern part of the island. Beach vacations, swimming in the warm ocean waves, various water sports and boat trips are pleasant components for a romantic trip or a family vacation on Rodrigues Island.

3B9KW Rodrigues Island Tourist attractions spotRodrigues Island. Author - carodelires.

Some useful details

The island has two major mobile operators and a high-speed internet provider, as well as a postal system. So there should be no problems with communication for those who come to Rodrigues on vacation. There are regular passenger water transportation flights from Mauritius, as well as every two weeks the ship Mauritus Pride makes a voyage to Port Louis with a duration of about 30 hours.

The city has a fairly developed road system, having asphalt pavement on all major routes on the island. Rodrigues has a left-turn traffic pattern, and the island's only gas station is located in the capital Port Manturin. There is a local cab service, as well as car and motorcycle rentals and even bicycle rentals, which are popular with tourists. In addition, the island has a developed system of internal bus routes, which will allow you to get to all the main points of the island quickly and cheaply.

The population of Rodriguez Island according to the 2011 census exceeded 40000 people. The majority of working age locals are employed in agriculture, commercial fishing or in the tourism industry. Today, the island is becoming increasingly popular with tourists from various countries, gradually gaining the status of one of the world's resorts.

3B9KW. Where is Rodrigues Island located. Map.

3B9KW 3B9/M0CFW Rodrigues Island. Sunrise 06-18-2024 at 02:18 GMT sunset at 13:16 GMT
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