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3D2TS Fiji

Phil, FK1TS is currently active from Fiji, IOTA OC - 016, as 3D2TS.
He is working on HF Bands.
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3D2TS Fiji News 1 July 2020

Commencing forthwith, all Qsl Cards for Phillip 3D2TS Fiji can be now requested via M0OXO OQRS or by Direct Post Mail to M0OXO.

Phillip will no longer have the facility to answer any card requests so please use M0OXO OQRS where possible. Please do not send cards to the bureau, they simply will not arrive. New cards are currently being printed by UX5UO QSL Print and will be issued upon receipt. Cards already requested by the old route on Clublog will also be processed and sent out by M0OXO when cards arrive from the Print Shop.

Fiji 3D2TS Fiji. Author - Mike Robertson.

Fiji 3D2TS DX News Namale ResortNamale Resort, Fiji. Author - sepiatone.

Fiji 3D2TS Tourist attractions spot KorolevuKorolevu, Fiji. Author - 1Nine8Four.

3D2TS. Where is Fiji located. Map.

3D2TS Fiji. Sunrise 02-23-2024 at 18:03 GMT sunset at 06:38 GMT
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