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3G7PM Guafo Island

Members of Radio Club Provincial  Llanquihue  (CE7LL) will be active from Guafo Island (IOTA SA-018) 23-28 February 2014 as 3G7PM
They will be active on HF Bands  
QSL via CE7LL direct
Guafo Island 3G7PM

Guafo Island is an island located southwest of Chiloé Island and northwest of Chonos Archipelago, Chile. This island has some 260 square kilometres (26,000 ha) of timber estimated in 2000 to be worth $21 million USD. There are many hills, valleys and streams on the island. The ocean currents have a way of depositing an abundance of fish in this area which makes it a fisherman's paradise. The prevailing west winds and the location make this a rainy, stormy place.


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