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3V8BCC Tunisia

KF5EYY, DL6RAI, DL2MLU, F4HJD, DK7MCX, DJ4MZ, F5PUT, 3V8CB will be active in CQ WW DX RTTY Contest 27-28 September 2014 as 3V8BCC.
They will be in MO Category.
QSL via DJ2MX.


A beautiful place with spectacular nature

Tunisia is a beautiful country in Africa and it attracts plenty of tourist, due to its spectacular nature and its amazing climate, but also for its culture. Tunisia is the smallest country in the region of North Africa that is known as Maghreb. From geographic point of view, this country is spectacular, as it is the place where the eastern end of the Atlas Mountains are positioned, and the northern of the country reaches the Sahara desert. The country is located on the Mediterranean coast of North Africa and it benefits of two Mediterranean coasts. The environmental diversity in this country is simply amazing and it is one of the main things that attract people to this small country. As in what regards the climate, there is a temperate climate characteristic in the north of the country, while the south of it enjoys a semiarid climate, due to the Sahara desert.

A blend of culture and the media

In Tunisia, you can find a variety of cultural influences, due to the history of this country, which made culture be a blend of influences coming from Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Italians, Turks, French, Spaniards, Phoenicians and Vandals, all of whom contributed to the culture as it exists today. Aside from the culture that strictly refers to literature, arts, music and others alike, there is also the newer influence, which is represented by the media. There are some important television and radio programs in Tunisia, some of them broadcasting in Arabic, while others in French. There are also hundreds of newspapers and magazines in the country and the freedom of the press is guaranteed.

Tunisia 3V8BCC

The Culinary miracle

Since the culture has met influences from so many different populations and ethnicities over the long history of Tunisia, so did the cuisine in the country, which is a blend of culinary influences. Many ethnicities played an important role in bringing Tunisia’s dishes to the seasoning and styling that it is today, such as African, Bedouin, Berber and Lebanese spices, all of which got combined with flavors coming from Greece, Turkey, Israel, France, Italy and Germany. Truth is that over the years, every culture that crossed through this country has brought its least contribution to the cuisine as it is today. This made the gastronomic style of Tunisia be a unique one, which has the power to create that mouth-watering effect that every tourist wishes to experience when visiting a foreign country. Typically, the dishes in this country are rich with flavors, and they use some of the most popular ingredients and products in the country, which mainly consist of fresh local meat, poultry, dairy, fruits and vegetables.

Additionally to the flavors and local products, the dishes are very well seasoned with aromatic and spices, from which some of the most popular are:

  • Anise
  • Garlic
  • Cinnamon
  • Saffron
  • Cloves
  • Ginger
  • Caraway
  • Fenugreek

Sauces here typically use onions, peppers, slow-simmered tomatoes, aubergines and olive oil, which can be accompanied by other ingredients, such as mint, nuts, rice and bread.

However, the cuisine does not only refer to food, so that the most famous drink in Tunisia is mint tea, which sometimes can be sprinkled with pine nuts. Other popular drinks in the country are constituted by syrups, which are made of different fruits and are diluted with water. As in what regards alcoholic drinks, some of the most famous ones are represented by the wine, which can be white, rose or red, but there is also fig brandy and home-brewed beer that people drink with pleasure.

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Exploring the daytime and nightlife

Tunisia is a wonderful place for anyone, as it has plenty of amazing things to see and do, depending on the preferences of each and every individual. Aside from visiting some of the most famous attractions of this country, there are plenty of other things to enjoy during a visit in Tunisia. Some of the most popular activities and adventures that you can try while in this superb country include:

  • Outdoor activities: hiking, cycling, hunting, horseback riding, birdwatching and many more
  • Air activities: hot air balloon or microlight trip
  • Desert activities: camel treks
  • Seaside activities: diving, windsurfing and many other water-based activities
  • Golf: Tunisia is renowned as a golf destination
  • Spas and luxury: wellness tradition is also one of the things that Tunisia is renowned for, so that here is the perfect place to relax at a luxurious spa

Additionally to the daytime activities, which don’t need to resume to the ones mentioned above, but may also expand to shopping, sightseeing, visiting museums and architectural monuments, as well as many other activities, Tunisia also offers a great place for those night owls, who are in permanent search of night entertainment. Regardless of how large or small a town is in this country, it has a café where you can enjoy your drinks and possibly even snacks until late in the evening. In bigger cities, though, the nightlife is more dynamic, so that you have the chance to also find some nightclubs to enjoy, as well as some amazing cabarets and dinner shows, where you’ll be able to spend some great time admiring the belly dancing or the local bands, who generally play traditional music.

Tunisia 3V8BCC Tourist attractions

A few thoughts on the country

Although Tunisia is a relatively small country, it is still one of the top tourist destinations in the world. With a blend of culture that was determined by the history of this amazing country, it has plenty of amazing things for its locals and its visitors alike, offering splendid places to see and interesting things to do. Once you get to this country, you will be amazed by the tasty cuisine, the wonderful cultural traditions and the variety of options you have on hand for anything you wish, from accommodation, to eating places, nightlife and even adventures that you’re looking for. Tunisia is definitely one of the places on Earth that is worth visiting!

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