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3V8CB CQ WW WPX Contest 2010

Looking at the spots after CQ WW WPX Contest 2010, I was "astonished" seeing 3V8CB Station QRV on 40.
I still the only local CW Operator in 3V land and I as far as I know, using CW skimmers is not allowed according the contest rules.
So, the idea that firstly jumped to my mind, that the central club received a request from a Ham Radio friend to come and activate the station during the contest. But I quickly saw some spots from 3V8ST guys
saying that "3V8CB...this is a pirate", etc.

It has to be mentioned that 3V8CB is one of 7 radio clubs that belong to the Tunisian Scouts Organization. 3V8BB is the only station that belongs to the Academic Institute of Bir El Bay.
Both of the stations are close to each other (2km distance).

There is no possibility to activate a scout station without prior approval from the central club (located in the Scouts HQ in Tunis).
But, seeing 3V8CB in the cluster was a big surprise to me! So I directly called my friend Monta 3V8ST and asked him about the story.
He ensured me that no one is operating from 3V8CB and that the station is closed. Now, the question is; who's using 3V8CB Call??

The answer came later when Monta 3V8ST told me after investigation, that someone in 3V8BB was using the call.
I immediately wrote to WPX CC and explained them the situation. I also gave them the contact information of the Central Club to have further details. I was hoping that the CC will do something to make an end to

Now, 3V8CB log is published among the other logs, as if nothing happened! 3V8CB call was used by YT3W from 3V8BB QTH on 40. YT1AD was besides operating on 15 as 3V8BB.

As a young contester trying to make this hobby as much as popular in my country, I would say that; allowing this to happen won't help... I keep focus on improving my skills, that's right, but I'm also engaged in having my country's law applied especially by outsiders... This shall as well include power limitation (<100W) that still not
respected... ANOTHER call the CCs to ask for 3V licenses and cross check them with the National Frequencies Agency, at least with top ranking stations...

73 de Ash 3V8SS/KF5EYY

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  • Callsign: 3v8bb
  • 2011-03-20 11:37:42
hello regarding your article about hacking stations are 3v8cb WPX SSB 2010 informed that I spoke with Montasar 3v8st long time and I take leave to use the station 3v8cb and didn't use any hacking or bad and even with that working on this station the; tunisein that a young chief called alaya amateur radio club 3v8bb 3v8bb alaya best73