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5Z4/DF3FS Kenya

Bertrand, DF3FS will be active again from Kenya 23 January - 7 February 2016 as 5Z4/DF3FS.
He will operate on HF Bands CW, SSB with focus for North America.
QSL via home call, OQRS.
Ads for direct QSL:
Bertrand Le Divenah, Postfach 12 47, Gelnhausen 63552, Germany.

Kenya, the Land of Safaris

Kenya with a population of 44 million as per the 2012 census is located on the equator with the Indian Ocean to the South- East and , Tanzania to the South, Uganda to the West, South Sudan to the North West , Ehiopia to the North and Somalia to the North East and covers an area of 224,445 Sq miles. 97% of Kenya’s population is constituted by the Bantu and Nilotic populace. The country is divided into 47 autonomous counties that are governed by governors. Kenya is well known for the safaris the wild life reserves and National parks. The country boasts of several heritage sites such as Lamu and boasts of world renowned beaches such as Kilifi where the yearly International yachting competitions are regularly held.

Geographical lnformation

Kenya is considered as the 47th largest country in the world. The geography of the area starts with its coast on the Indian Ocean, with the low plains rising to the highlands, with the highlands being considered as the most successful agriculture producing area in entire Africa; it represents the highest point in Kenya, highlighted by Mount Kenya which is considered the second largest peak in the African continent and rises to 17,057ft above sea level; the Great Rift Valley bisects the highlands and to the east of the highlands is a fertile plateau.

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One important aspect of the climatic condition that prevail in the country, is that, it receives bountiful sunlight throughout the year and remains cool during the night and the early morning in higher elevations, inland. The climate experienced in the country varies as it goes inland, with the places along the coast having a tropical climate and slowly turning temperate as one proceeds inland , as one proceeds still further it become arid in the north and north east parts of the country. The tropical rainfall experienced in the country can be divided into long rains which occur during March- June and the short rains during October – December, and during these rainy months the temperature remains very high with rainfall normally occurring during the afternoons and evenings. The coldest month experienced in the country is from July to mid August, and the hottest periods between February – March.

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The demography of Kenya speaks of diverse populations that include major ethnic and linguistic groups found in Africa; the country has 42 different communities with the Bantus and Nilotes constituting 97% of the local populace. The Cushitic ethnic group, Arabs, Indians and Europeans form the minority. The country boasts of young populations who are below 30yrs and constitute 73% of the population which speaks volumes about the enormous potential that the country possesses. The country has two official languages namely, English and Swahili, and though English is the most widely spoken language while doing business, in school and in the government, most Kenyans prefer to speak their own mother tongues.

The People

The majority of the people in Kenya are Christians, constituting 83% of the populace, and has the world’s largest number of the Quakers, Muslims constituted 11.2% and others 4.1%. The Hindu population of Kenya, who are of Indian origin, constitute roughly 300,000 have played a dominant role in the development of the local economy. Health issues dominate the country in spite of major achievements in the health sector, it is estimated that there are only 7000 doctors for a population of 43 million. The life expectancy level is 55yrs as estimated in 2009, and the infant mortality rate is 44 deaths per 1000 as of 2012. The literacy level of the country stands at 85% of the population; since the Public universities in the country are highly commercialized, most of the qualified students who miss out on admission opt for middle level diploma programs in public or private universities, colleges and Polytechnics.

The cultural practices In Kenya are different according to the different communities, however the Maasai culture is well known to tourism as they are renowned for their elaborate upper body adornment and for the jewelry that they wear.

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Economic Life

After the services sector, agriculture is the second largest contributor to the countries GDP which is around 24% and includes forestry and fishing. The principal cash crops grown in the country are Tea, Horticulture and coffee, with Tea and Horticultural produce being the major growth sectors and considered as the two most important exportable produce from the basket of items that are exported out of the country. Though Kenya is the most industrially developed country in the African great lakes region, its contribution the nations GDP is only 14%. Industrial activity is centered around the three large urban centres of the country , namely Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu; most of the industrial activity is dominated by the food processing industry, beer production and sugarcane crushing factories. There is however an informal sector known as Jua Kali that is slowly expanding where small scale manufacturing of household goods, vehicle motor parts and farm implements are carried out.

Wildlife and Tourism

The service sector contributes the highest to the nations GDP, pegged at 61%, with Tourism contributing the biggest chunk from this to the GDP. Tourism also happens to be the principal source of the country’s foreign exchange. Most of the tourists who come to the country are from Germany and the UK who prefer to visit the coastal beaches and the game reserves. The most frequented places that the tourists visit are the East and West Tsavo National Park. The country has one of the best recognized safari place, notably, Amboseli, Naivasha, the Masai Mara, Samburu and a beautiful sultry coast that is endowed with the best of nature. Tourists can choose from a number of packaged safaris and most of the major parks contain large mainstream lodges; transportation in these reserves is not a problem as they can avail the services of a fleet of minibuses that operate there. To make the best out of your safari experience one should plan smartly so that they can couple smart raids into these hard areas with relaxed sojourns in additional remote areas that have pristine locations. As a piece of advice, the starting point for tourists who come to experience the African Safari should begin with the Masai Mara.

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