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ZY2QG Queimada Grande Island Snake Island

Joao, PU2KKE inform that members of Cabreuva DX Group PY2DS, PU2POP, PU2XIZ will be active from Queimada Grande (Snake) Island (IOTA SA-071) 12 - 13 January 2016 as ZY2QG.
Message from Joao:

24 hours only of activation only!!!!!!!

January, 12 (forecast) start 10:00 am UTC and 13 (forecast) end 18:00 PM UTC) 2016

(hopefully not delayed again due to weather conditions)

40, 20, 15 and 10 meters - Phone and CW
Any change will be reported.
We depend on good weather for landing on the Island

Qsl card via PY2DS (direct 2$ + SAE) or bureau - Radioamadores Brasileiros enviar Qsl + envelope autoendereçado e selado ou via LABRE


TEAM: PY2DS (qsl manager) / PU2POP (team leader) / PU2XIZ.

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Queimada Grande - Snake Island. DX Pedition ZY2QG Logo.

Where is Queimada Grande Snake Island located. Map.

ZY2QG Queimada Grande Island Snake Island. Sunrise 09-18-2020 at 08:58 GMT sunset at 21:02 GMT
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