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Memo to a tourist going on holiday to Kenya

The Republic of Kenya is an African state located in the equatorial zone. The territory of the country surprisingly combines mountains and deserts, forests and lakes. The name of the state was formed in honour of the mountain of Kenya, which is the second highest among the rest of the continent.

The south-eastern part of the country is surrounded by the Indian Ocean, whose beautiful beaches are an ideal holiday area for tourists. The capital and largest population centre of Kenya is Nairobi.

Kenya has more than 49 million people living on the territory of 580 thousand square kilometres. The population of the country resembles a multi-coloured mosaic: there are 44 tribes with a wide range of languages and rituals.

One of the most famous nationalities, observing old customs and an established way of life, is the Maasai. The Maasai are welcoming to the excessive curiosity of visitors, showing travellers the usual life and culture, as well as ethnic shows for guests.

Kenya 5Z4/M0LEP African flamingos in the lake over beautiful sunset Lake Nakuru.

African flamingos in the lake over beautiful sunset, flock of exotic birds at natural habitat, Africa landscape, Kenya nature, Lake Nakuru national park reserve.


The regions farther westwards from the coast have a stable temperature of 23 degrees above zero, with slight variations throughout the year and incessant rainfall. The coast has a more pronounced seasonal climate, with temperatures as high as 26 degrees centigrade.

Kenya's coastal areas receive heavy rains from April to May inclusive. This time is known as the season of long showers, which do not stop for an hour or more. October and December is a period of short rains lasting up to 30 minutes during the day.

The north of the country is dry and hot, with a climate reminiscent of a semi-desert. The centre of the country is characterised by cool nights and sultry days. Taking into account the level of Nairobi's location (1800 m relative to the sea), it is quite cool in June and July: the temperature drops to 10 degrees Celsius.

Attractions and attractions

Kenya, with its natural delights, is known primarily for its national parks, safaris, mountain ranges and diving, but the cities also offer attractions worthy of a tourist's attention. Nairobi, with its Clock Tower and spire 140 metres off the ground, is worth a visit.

The continent's high altitude is not its only advantage. In addition to all this, if you visit the spectacular architectural landmark, you can be filled with incomprehensible energy. Inside it are guarded offices and it is impossible to enter.

Adjacent to the parliament is the mausoleum of Jomo Kenyatta, the president, the most revered man in the country. The Jami Mosque, in the Arab-Muslim style, was built between 1902 and 1906 and continues to rank as Kenya's leading landmark. The marble mosque is adorned with three silver-coloured domes, its walls are painted with lines of the Koran, and the entrance to the mosque has a gilded archway.

Kenya has a fair number of museums:

  • National, containing dinosaur moulages and the remains of flora and fauna that disappeared from the planet many hundreds of years ago.
  • The Railway, dedicated to the manufacture of railway tracks.
  • Built in honour of the Danish writer Karen Blixen, whose soul belonged to Africa.

The natural features also extend to the metropolis' surroundings: the National Park amazes with rhinos of a rare breed, while Mount Longonot, rising to 2,777 metres, and a chain of active volcanoes make the area unique.

Mombasa's landmark is the Jesus Fortress, built in 1593 by the Portuguese and which experienced Turkish and British rule. Nowadays, a museum with numerous artefacts of lost ships stands on the grounds of the barracks and prison. Mombas is a city of temples of different religious movements: Hindu, Muslim, Christian. The prototype of the new century is the symbol "M", made of ivory.

On the territory of Malindi it is impossible to miss the ancient city with building in Swahili tradition and Juma mosque. The coastline is adorned by a coral pillar erected in 1498 to honour the arrival of Vasco da Gama. Around the south are the ruins left by the ancient settlement of Gede from the 13th century.

Kenya 5Z4/M0LEP DX News Elephant in National park.Elephant in National park of Kenya, Africa.


Kenya is an excellent choice as a beach holiday: exoticism on the background of mild climate, developed infrastructure. But the main values are an impeccably beautiful coastline, turquoise-coloured ocean, white sand, colourful palm trees - in a word, a dream come true.

The best beaches are located in Mombasa and its surrounding areas. Diani Beach is characterised by snow-white sands and dense plantations. The coastline becomes particularly attractive at low tide: corals are exposed, sea urchins, starfish and a variety of deep-sea creatures can be seen in the water column. On the bottom there are protrusions and algae.

The beach is equipped with the necessary facilities for active pastime: you can fish, windsurf, dive, organise ball games, ride camels, which is typical for Africa.


Kenya has not had time to join the ranks of international diving centres, but it is likely to do so soon: the Indian Ocean is an unexplored treasure trove. The recommended season for diving is from January to March, when the water is warm and calm.

Transparency is maintained deeper than 20 metres. And the period from May to July is not suitable for diving: it is the season of rains and winds, so the sand forms a muddy mixture with microplankton. Diving from dhow boats is practised in Mombasa and is the most exciting part of diving trips.

Kenya 5Z4/M0LEP Tourist attractions spot A pair of mating lions in the evening savannah, Masai Mara.A pair of mating lions in the evening savannah, Masai Mara, Kenya.

Shopping and shops

The duty-free shop is always stocked with originally decorated tea and coffee for tourists, as well as masks, figurines, batiks, spears, drums, wickerwork, gourd vessels, and leather goods. You can buy precious stones and diamonds in Nairobi. As a souvenir, you can purchase a "soapstone". In addition to this, one can choose many varieties of handicrafts in the market.

Among the most unconventional souvenirs of Kenya, cork platform sandals are worth mentioning. The soles of these hard-wearing shoes are made of car tyres and the lintels are made of colourful strips of leather.

Traditional alcoholic drinks are not particularly popular with the newcomers. They contain corn, sugar and bussa, so their flavour is rather peculiar. The only drink approved by tourists is the locally produced Tusker beer.

Shops are usually open on weekdays until 17:00, until 12:30 on Saturdays. Kenya has enough shops for foreign tourists that do not close for lunch and are open until 20:00.


The cuisine of Kenya is a combination of African, European, Indian recipes. Dishes cooked with pork and beef are more expensive, and in addition to them game and meat of local animals are widely used.

Tourists are delighted with various exotics: fillet of antelope, crocodile with banana garnish, stewed elephant, roasted piglet, ostrich with fruit juice and potatoes, roasted termites, buffalo in the form of steak. Dishes are seasoned with sharp spices, and if there are contraindications to such a menu, it is worth warning the waiter about it.

Mombas is overflowing with Italian, Chinese and Swiss cuisine. Supporters of fast food can confidently go to the bowels of shopping centres, where local "McDonald's", KFC and similar chains work. European dishes can be ordered in hotel restaurants. Meat and fish on the barbecue, wines, entertainment programme surrounded by sea expanses will provide the most impressions.

Security challenges

The security situation in Kenya is contradictory. The people are friendly and sociable, but the areas on the outskirts of Nairobi, River Red, Uhuru Park, and poorer areas of other communities should not be visited alone.

Scams are rampant in tourist holiday areas, gangs are active in northern Kenya, and reserve areas are full of poachers. Unfortunately, Nairobi is the most unsafe city in Africa for tourists.

There are enough cases of robbery with violence, blatant fraud, pickpocketing. Taxi robbery is common, with tourists being thrown out on their way to the airport. If arriving in Nairobi at night, it is better to wait until morning at the airport rather than wandering around the night capital in search of a hotel.

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