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6W1RW Senegal

Jacques, F6BEE will be active from Senegal 26 November- 2 December 2014 as 6W1RW.
He will operate on 160-10m and will parcipicate in CQ WW DX CW Contest 29-30 November 2014 in SOAB HP Category.
QSL via home call, LOTW.

Senegal and Its History

Some of the findings of Archaeologists all the way show that Senegal was occupied or you can say was found in ancient times. This place was mainly occupied by the ethnic groups who were in use to apply the all kind of their ethics only. It’s some of the kingdoms were established about in the 7th century. As if you have to name them according to their creations they are as Takrur was being established in 9th century, Namandiru was being created in 13th century whereas Jolof Empire was being created in 14th century respectively. Ghana Empire is also the biggest empire as it also includes eastern Senegal in it. Islam is a religion which was being given at first by the Toucouleur which had its great interaction and communication with the Hypo-Saharan who was at the back had to spread it. The Almoravid got the help of Toucouleur allies just for doing some of the conversions. This movement faced confrontation from civilization of old style faiths even the Serers in specific.


This country or state is well known of its tradition, norms and cuisine, whereas the West African traditions are also being included in its traditions. This is mainly done by the Griots, who have being the main reason behind making the history of the West Africans young and alive for thousands of years by expressing the Africans words, and their heart throbbing music. The Griot occupation and living is being passed to their next all generations and requires a lot of years of workout and traineeship in pedigree, past and music also. Griots have also done a great association in giving the voice to generations of civilization of West Africa. The culture of West Africa also includes the most delicious cuisines. The fish, lamb, chicken and eggs are the most important ones to be eaten in food whereas the beans and peas are also being loved to have in dinner or lunch. Beef is also mainly used in Senegal food items to be cooked and had in lunch or dinner. As pork and non-allowed food in Islam are strictly prohibited as Senegal is more filled of Muslim people as they are loved in eating Halal items. Peanuts which are being mostly grown in the Senegal are also mostly eaten. White rice and lentils and sweet potatoes are the basic and primary crops which are grown. Above of all these even black peas are grown there in a great number. The poaches items in food are the meat and vegetables as they could be eaten only y sterilizing and even by just having them parboiled. They could also be marinated in herbs and different kind of spices. People of Senegal mostly eat rice with different kind of curries and potatoes. Bread is also being eaten with the sauces and curries as this is most eaten foods of Muslims. Ginger and Bissap are being used in making different kind of juices and drinks. Baobab Tree is also a very famous tree that is being used in making monkey bread fruit that is most popular their and being eaten a lot of times. Many wild fruits and used in making breads and rice. Some of the desserts are also rich in sweet ingredients with the stylish and luxury features of French impacts on them. Mostly the foods for them are being served by the fresh sliced fruits and tradition is also that a cup of tea or coffee should be had after the lunch or dinner.

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About Music of Senegal:

Senegal is more famous for its music and symphony all over the Africa and even across it. As not only this music is said a normal or common music as this is said to be the most preserved heritage of music of Senegal. Mbalax is the most popular among all and due to its immense popularity which is being invented by the serer percussive custom. It has being demanding by the Youssou and many of the others. The drummer of the era is called to the Sabar as it has the immense quality of playing drums. Sabar is used not on common celebrations of daily life as it is mostly used in bigger and special celebrations that could be any cultural festival or any regional festival could be Eid or some marriage ceremony. Most of the musical instruments like tama are the once used by the ethnic groups for playing on ethnic ceremonies. Senegal even has many popular musicians that are mostly being loved and fascinated by the common people due to their vocals and their musical popularity. They include Ismael, pape diouf, Baaba Maal and many more.

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Hospitality of Senegal:

Hospitality of Senegal is also being very much popularized in the whole world. The people of Senegal are most appreciated in welcoming the tourists and people from all over the world. People love to visit the Senegal just because of the best hospitality of them. They also consider it as their nationality as they can’t make it easy for their selves. They love to have the tourist and they are also being in welcoming mode. Teranga is the Wolof word for the hospitality of the Senegal’s as for that purpose they have named their own football team as the Loin of Teranga.

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About Education of Senegal:

The education of the Senegal is being imposed on the all children on the January of 2001. Education for all kind of children up to the age of 16 is free and easy to be given as this is considered as the basic need of every human being. The number of students that should be yearly enrolled is unable to be kept in control by the public school system. This was the main thing of education which was being implied by the minister of Labor. Illiteracy rate is too much high in Senegal especially in women the net rate that was being enrolled was 69 percent. This was calculated in the year 2005.

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