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Keith, G4FUF will be active from Vietnam until 15 November 2014 as XV4F.
He will concentrate on 6m activity.
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When most people hear Vietnam, what comes to their minds are the endless seasons of wars and ruins, however, there is more to this country than the negative war-torn stories. Vietnam is the most Southernmost part of South-Eastern Asia , while the capital is “Hanoi”. The main currency acceptable in Vietnam is the “Dong”.

Vietnam- people, culture, and History

As at the year 2013, the population of Vietnam was 89.7 million, the country remains the world’s 13th most populous country, and the 8th most populous country in Asia. The name Vietnam was first adopted in the year 1802 by the famous Emperor – Gia Long, however the name was not officially adopted until 1945. Vietnam is bordered by countries like China, Cambodia and Laos. Until 938AD, Vietnam was part of the Chinese dynasty , however successive fight for independence had liberated the country . Vietnam’s culture is largely influenced by Chinese elements till today; similarly, the Japanese and the French had also colonized the country at different times.

Vietnam- environment and climate

Vietnam is situated in the “Indo-China” peninsula, and the country is widely characterized by hills and forests. Its leveled land covers only 20% of its entire landmass, while tropical rainforest covers more than 40%. In the Northern region of Vietnam is the famous red river Delta while the Northern region is mostly covered by highlands. Mountainous terrains make up about 40% of the total land area of the country, while the southern region is predominantly the coastal lowlands. About 16% of the total arable lands in Vietnam are located in the northern highlands, while the” Phan Xi Pang” remains the highest mountain in Vietnam , standing at over 10,300 ft. above the sea levels.

Vietnam is a country that witnesses diverse topographical changes because of its different latitudes , similarly the climate of the country varies from one place to the other. The winter season runs from the month of November to April , and this season is characterized by the wet Monsoon winds that picks up moisture along its part. Vietnam enjoys a long period of summer , which is also characterized by lots of rain. The average temperature of Vietnam is usually higher in the coastal lowlands than the mountainous highlands- Temperatures are the peak within the months of December and January.

Vietnam XV4F

Vietnam- key landmarks and attractions

Vietnam is surely one of the most visited countries in Asia. One of the main source of income for the government of Vietnam are the collections of several tourist destinations.

• The Nha Trang- this is by far one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam. This is a seaside resort town in the beautiful bay regions of the country. The clean and beautiful sandy beaches that adorn this region make it fascinating and attractive. There are just about 300,000 inhabitants in this region, and it is popular for Scuba diving.

• The Cu chi tunnels – these are wonderful and inter-connecting networks of underground channels located in the Saigon region. The Cu chi have an historical record of being the hiding spots for the Vietnamese guerillas during the Vietnam war in 1968 and remains a key tourist destination.

•The Mekong Delta- located in the southern region of the country, is the place of the famous Mekong river. The rice fields that account for most of Vietnam’s agricultural produce are also found here. This key area can be accessed by river and not by road.

• The Phu Quoc- the Phu Quoc is an important Island located at the Cambodian border with Vietnam and it has the pristine tropical forest of the country. There are lots of coral reefs as well as rainforests that remain un-polluted. The famous fermented fish sauce in Vietnam can also be eaten at the Phu Quoc region.

•The Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi- the Historical region of Hanoi offers lots of sight-seeing and adventures. The Hoan Kiem Lake is one of the top destinations for leisure, especially among the locals. Hoan Kiem, which means “Returned Sword” was a magical sword used by the famous King Le Hoi , and was a sword given to the king by the gods to drive away Chinese aggressors several centuries ago.

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•The Thien Mu Pagoda- also known as the “Hue” remains the tallest Pagoda in the country. The Pagoda is the official symbol of the colonial rule on Vietnam, and it is a temple built by the Nguyen lords in the early 16th century. The colonial temple remains one of the most visited landmarks in the country.

• The famous Ha Long Bay- This 120 kilometer coast line is located in the Northern region of Vietnam, and it is the most popular attraction the country has to offer. Ha Long literally means “the bay of the descending dragons”, and has several islands with hollow caves and floating villages where many fishermen reside.

Vietnam XV4F Tourist attractions

Going to and moving around Vietnam

Vietnam is serviced by 10 major International airports and more than 20 local airports. The Da Nang International airport and Noi Bai International airport is serviced by several major International airlines and these two airports account for more than 60% of flights recorded in the country on daily basis. By the year 2020, it is believed that over 100 million will visit Vietnam annually, considering the fact that tourism is one of the main sources of income for the country.

Vietnam has lots of breathtaking hotels and accommodations scattered in the North and South, there for you will always have something to cater for your budget. If you want to explore the core inlands, it will be ideal to take boat cruises, and rent some of the shanty camps located close to the bays and beaches. Vietnam has lots of local and international cuisines to offer everyone, virtually all the restaurants in the country are blessed with rich Asian foods and drinks and you can also find places where pastas and other European classic foods and drinks are served. Vietnam has a diverse and rich Asian culture with bubbling morning and evening markets where you can buy some colourful Vietnamese clothes and accessories.

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