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8R7X Team will be active from Guyana, 14 - 24 February 2024.
Team - M0SDV, DK6SP, DJ4MX, HA8RT.
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8R7X Guayna News 11 April 2024

8R7X - Guyana 2024 QSL Card preview.
The card design is shown below. We are offering a 4 sided (Folded) Card for Direct requests and a Single two sided card for Bureau requests.
The QSL Card has been sent to the UX5UO Print Shop and I expect to mail them in early May.

8R7X Guyana QSL Card

8R7X Guyana News QSL Policy

In response to the overwhelming support from the DX community, 8R7X are pleased to announce that they will be offering FREE direct QSL cards to everyone who has donated 20 EUR or more prior to them being on air.

Only those making donations before 14th February 2024 will be eligible for free direct cards via our QSL Manager M0OXO. All others must use the usual OQRS function.
8R7X Team.

Guyana is an unforgettable gift for every tourist!

Surrounded by Venezuela, Suriname and Brazil, right on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, the only South American continent included in the Commonwealth of Nations - hospitable Guyana - is nestled in the center of the country. We assume that not all readers know about it. But those who are fond of tourism will easily recognize it by its English-speaking jargon, very warm climate and very large amount of water.

8R7X Guyana DX NewsGuyana. Author - muscapix.

Climate and Nature

The climate in Guyana is a real luxury for any traveler. There is no harsh Russian winter here, which is perfectly replaced by waterfalls, rivers and lakes, an abundance of green vegetation and all the splendor of animal life. The latter is represented, first of all, by mammals - in particular, anteaters and sloths, as well as monkeys.

As for the rest of the living creatures - friends of man, they are birds, fish, butterflies and beetles, in the company of which our tourist will hardly be bored. Among the birds we should especially emphasize talking parrots, beautiful pheasants, long-legged herons and small hummingbirds. Well, and at the bottom of the ocean fans of diving may well meet a lot of shrimp!

The temperature in the country actually never drops below 20°C, so you can go scuba diving at any time of the year. Summer sports such as cycling, volleyball, soccer and athletics are also very popular in Guyana. By the way, sports in the country should be emphasized, especially since the national team of Guyana has participated in the Olympic Games more than once. Moreover, boxers, heavy athletes and cyclists have repeatedly taken leading places in them.

The year-round heat in the country is combined with abundant rainfall. Rains are very frequent here - they seem to smooth out the warm summer climate, making the stay in the country comfortable and pleasant. In addition, the tourist gets a chance to enjoy the attractive views of the capital of Guyana - the city of Georgetown. We will tell you more about it further on.

8R7X Guyana DX Pedition Logo8R7X Guyana DX Pedition Logo.

Population of Guyana

Well, a few words about the population of Guyana. Mostly they are blacks and Hindus, although in the country there are and are actively developing a variety of religions, ranging from Hindus, Catholics and Pentecostals to Seventh Day Adventists, Muslims and atheists.

The total population is about 800,000. 90% of them live on the shore by the ocean. The average life expectancy of the male population is 63 years, female - 71 years.

Local currency

The most common international currencies in the country are dollars, pounds sterling and euros, so there should be no problems with various payments. Payment for goods in stores is also possible with credit cards.

By the way, currency is a great way to refuel and buy something from the food, which in Guyana is offered in a wide range. The menu of catering establishments usually includes Indian, Chinese and African dishes. The ingredients traditionally used are fresh fish, seafood of amazing flavor, natural vegetables and fruits. And don't forget about tips, especially since they are possible not only in the restaurant, but also when ordering a local cab, where the total amount of payment is traditionally rounded up.

8R7X Georgetown, Guyana Tourist attractions spotGeorgetown, Guyana. Author - Leo Koolhoven.


In Georgetown, the capital of Guyana, it is customary to use shuttle buses - colored minibuses, which have an original design and are very active in the central part of the city. Those who wish to walk the local streets on foot will not waste time either. They will see poor buildings, fashionable houses and more modern buildings, which in their combination and make up the urban complex of present-day Guyana.

Another option for transportation is automobiles. They drive on the left side of the road here. In fact, road transportation is the main means of moving people. In any case, it is a much more attractive solution than public transportation.

Interesting Facts

Guyana is by no means a treasure trove of attractions, but still the country in question has a number of features:

- deep water canals that cover the entire area of the capital city, including ordinary ditches;
- right in the center of Georgetown are grazing cattle - cows and horses, which here also use the grass for food;
- Kaieteur Falls, substantially higher than Niagara Falls, where the original poisonous frog likes to rest;
- and much more!

Other advantages of Guyana, not listed in the article, can only be found out by making an unforgettable tour to this country. Do not miss the chance to take advantage of such a tempting and certainly profitable opportunity!

8R7X. Where is Guyana located. Map.

8R7X Guyana. Sunrise 07-25-2024 at 09:50 GMT sunset at 22:13 GMT
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