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9J2AO Zambia

HA5AO will be active as 9J2AO from Zambia, 14 - 23 September 2024.
He will operate on 80 - 6m, CW, SSB, FT8.
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9J2AO Log search QSL via home call, OQRS.
QTH - near Victoria Fails, Zambia.


African culture in its most original manifestation, rich fauna, beautiful flora, vast expanses of national parks and abundance of waterfalls - all this is pristine and unruly Zambia....

9J2AO ZambiaZambia. Author - John Mallaney.

Zambia is a dream for fishing enthusiasts and birdwatchers alike

Unique in every respect, Zambia stands out among its glamorous and lipsticked neighbors by the original roughness, wildness and animal passion of Africa. It is here that the best national park of the continent is located, an unrivaled repository of flora and fauna, natural attractions. It is here that the famous Victoria Falls, one of the most visited Zambezi Parks and Lake Kariba are located.

Zambia is a real paradise for fishing lovers. The mighty waters of the Zambezi River are home to hundreds of different species of fish, bait for thousands of anglers from all corners of the world. It is here that those wishing to catch the most coveted "gold" fish - a toothy African tiger or a giant inhabitant of the underwater depths of the vundu catfish come.

A trip to Zambia will be interesting for birdwatchers - naturalists or photographers hunting for rare shots. Thousands of bird species of different beauty and sizes are begging for the camera lens. And if luck turns on its bright side, you can even capture the continent's most unique bird, the African warthog.

9J2AO Zambia DX NewsZambia. Author - Jeroen Schortemeijer.

A land of contrasts and three seasons

Traveling to Zambia for pragmatic cynics can be very problematic. The fact is that the major cities of the country are located at a great distance from each other. Therefore, to see all the sights of the region, you will have to travel on the hot desert sand. You can move by rented car or public transportation. The latter is especially slow, so you need to be patient and just enjoy the surrounding beauty.

The capital of Zambia, the legendary city of Lusaka is a must-see. Although with 99% probability this is where you will fly from anywhere in the world. A city of contrasts, where wildlife is closely intertwined with innovative luxury technology. Livingstone is the face of real, living Africa, a place of unbridled natural elements and the kingdom of wildlife.

Zambia's climate is special, not like anywhere else. There are three main seasons with unique weather phenomena. Dry season lasts from April to August and is characterized by the special beauty of nature, lush green tropical vegetation. The hot season takes three autumn months and is characterized by particularly high temperatures. Nature fades, withers, and turns yellow. From November to April the country is covered with heavy rains. But there are many positive aspects to this natural element, for example, it is very convenient to observe the life of animals in their natural environment.

9J2AO Zambia Tourist attractions spotZambia. Author - Paul Cottis.

Entertainment, excursions and interesting places in Zambia

Perhaps the biggest attraction of this African country is the beautiful waterfalls. The largest, most popular and world-famous Victoria scares tourists at first acquaintance with its power and uncontrollability. Located on the border of two countries, it allows you to enjoy its beauty from both sides at once. However, the tourist sphere of Zimbabwe is much better developed than in Zambia. That is why every vacationer will be offered a full range of related services, from photos as a souvenir to a trip on the "Knife Blade" - a narrow bridge over the turbulent waters of the elements.

Another less popular, but no less beautiful waterfall in Zambia is Ngonje. Many travelers claim that the views and coloring on it are no worse.

Siavonga resort is located near the capital of the state on the shore of Lake Kariba. By the way, Lusaka is not the most beautiful city in the country. Crowded, noisy, with many markets and bazaars, constant crowds, it resembles an anthill in contrast to the calm and measured life of the rest of Zambia.

Zambia's national pride and heritage - parks and reserves

Perhaps the greatest beauty and attraction of this African country are the numerous protected areas and national parks. There are about 20 in total, three of which are particularly large and unique. Laungwa Park is located close to the capital, making it particularly easy to visit. Although there is a lot to see here: dense tropical forest with a variety of flora, grassy plains and blue lagoons. Here you can see predatory lions and huge buffalo, fast zebras and tall giraffes. But the most widespread population in the area are elephants of different breeds, powerful and huge, intimidating and cute in their own way.

The second largest national park, Kafue, turns into a huge swamp in the rainy season, where hippos and millions of birds breed successfully.

9J2AO. Where is Zambia located. Map.

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