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HA5AO will be active as Z22AO from Zambezi National Park, Zimbabwe, 3 - 13 September 2024.
He will operate on 80 - 6m, CW, SSB, FT8.
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Zimbabwe - the "country of stones" and amazing nature

The Republic of Zimbabwe appeared on the world map relatively recently - on April 18, 2005. Before that, the country was officially called Rhodesia. Zimbabwe is an amazing corner of nature, where you can see the real Africa, enjoy its vast expanses and, of course, visit the most famous waterfall in the world - Victoria. The locals call their homeland "the land of stones". The Republic borders with the following countries:

  • South Africa to the south;
  • Botswana to the southwest;
  • Zambia to the northwest;
  • Mozambique to the north and east.

The northern borders of the country are washed by the Zambezi River, which is considered one of the largest rivers on the mainland.

Z22AO Lions, Zambezi National Park, ZimbabweLions, Zambezi National Park, Zambia. Author - Gregoire Dubois.

Zimbabwe society

Many tourists are afraid to visit the country, citing the high crime rate and the dislike of the local population for white-skinned people. In fact, the situation in relation to visitors is much better. Since the population of the country is rather poor and used to exist at the expense of humanitarian aid, any person of European appearance is considered a rich man in Zimbabwe. That is why natives try not only to please visitors, but also to sell them a lot of souvenirs not at low prices.

As it was mentioned earlier, almost 70% of the country's population is below the poverty line. Those who have the opportunity, try to leave their native places to work even in neighboring countries, which are at approximately the same level of economic development. When walking through local villages, it is hard not to notice the imprint of hard life on people's faces. Nevertheless, all of them are quite friendly and happy to make new acquaintances.

Also on the territory of Zimbabwe there are quite a lot of white people living here on a permanent basis. The locals have not felt hostility towards them for a long time. Unlike the indigenous peoples, the European part of the population prefers not to engage in hard physical labor, but in the organization and development of tourist activities.

Z22AO Zambezi National Park, Zimbabwe DX NewsZambezi National Park, Zimbabwe. Author - Trouvaille Blue..

Weather and climate in the Land of Stones

Zimbabwe is situated at a solid altitude, approximately 1200-1600 meters above sea level. Lowering of the relief is observed only closer to the southern and northern borders, where the Limpopo and Zambezi rivers flow. Also the state has no access to the sea. Basically the whole territory of the republic consists of flat surfaces.

For the "country of stones" is characterized by a rainy season, the beginning of which falls in January. Downpours irrigate the surface of Zimbabwe until the end of March. With the onset of January comes another unstable season characterized by abrupt climate changes. The weather begins to stabilize only in early April.

The best period for tourist visits is from May to September. During these months the weather is dry and sunny. During the day it is very warm, but not hot, but at night the thermometer often drops below zero degrees.

Once most of the country was covered with dense forests, which made the climate more stable and formed a comfortable level of humidity. Unfortunately, today most of them have been cut down by locals, as well as by agricultural and mining companies. It is only possible to enjoy the remnants of the African forest in national parks.

Z22AO Zambezi National Park, Zimbabwe Tourist attractions spotZambezi National Park, Zimbabwe. Author - John Pereira.

Interesting facts about Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a country not only rich in history, but also in culture. Some of the most interestingfacts about this amazing corner of nature include the following:

  • there are 16 official languages in the state. Basically, most of the population speaks English, as well as Shona and Ndebele languages;
  • Zimbabweans are considered to be the most literate part of the African population. The percentage of educated people here is about 90%, despite the surrounding poverty and misery;
  • most of the country is wilderness. Approximately 10% of the territory is occupied by national reserves, which are of the greatest value not only for the state itself, but also for the whole planet;
  • Zimbabwe has no currency of its own. Since 2008, the government decided to use American dollars as a temporary option, which are still in active circulation;
  • the "country of stones" is rich in natural resources, despite the fact that almost no one is engaged in their development and extraction, due to which about 70% of the population lives below the poverty line;
  • about 55% of the country's population is Christian. On the territory of the state there are many churches and temples for Christians. The remaining part of the population adheres to traditional African beliefs, such as ancestor cult, animalism and others.

Zimbabwe's largest cities

There are few large cities in the "land of stones" where people lead quite modern and comfortable lifestyles. The most significant population centers are:

  • Harare - the capital of Zimbabwe, where about 2 million people live. In the center of the city there are large skyscrapers, museums, educational institutions, libraries and even a botanical garden. The outskirts of the city, on the other hand, are small streets where the less affluent part of the population lives. The city is very beautiful at any time of the year, which attracts tourists from all over the world;
  • Bulawayo - the population of the city is a little under a million and is about 800,000 inhabitants. It is a major tourist center of the country, where several famous museums are built, including the National Museum. Just outside this city is the Metabo National Park, considered to be the largest and oldest corner of the country.
  • The rest of the settlements of Zimbabwe are not so crowded, although some of them also deserve special attention. They are mostly small towns with populations rarely exceeding 300,000 people.

Zimbabwe Attractions

Apart from the magnificent wildlife and rare flora and fauna, tourists in Zimbabwe are also attracted by other attractions. The most famous of them are:

  • Victoria Falls - the largest and most famous waterfall in the world. It is located on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. Immediately after the falls there is a section of the river with rapids, where you can meet a large number of rafting and kayaking enthusiasts. Despite the numerous rapids, this section is considered safe even for beginners;
  • big Zimbabwe is the ruins located south of the Egyptian pyramids. This attraction is considered one of the most significant and largest on the mainland, covering an area of 730 hectares. According to archaeologists, several millennia ago there was an ancient religious and cultural center with a population of about 15,000 people;
  • Matobo National Park and Natural Monument, which is over 4 million years old. Rare species of birds, snakes and many other endangered animals can be found here. In addition, the nearby mountain peaks of Shaba, Shumba and Shumba Sham are considered sacred by the locals. This is why you should not point fingers at them in their presence, as they believe it can bring great misfortune.

Despite its poverty, Zimbabwe remains one of the most attractive places of nature with a distinctive culture and traditional values. It is a country of contrasts, where unique tribes, honoring their own laws, coexist side by side with business people who prefer modern conveniences and comforts.

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