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The republic of Zambia is one of the most interesting countries to explore. This is because of its diversity in terms of geography, agriculture, culture, education and other core features that make a country co exist. So where is this country located? It is basically a landlocked country that is located in the southern part of the African Continent. Its neighboring countries are therefore Tanzania that is on the north eastern side, the democratic republic of Congo that is on the northern part, Malawi is to the east and the countries that are located on the southern part of Zambia include Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia. Angola is usually on the western side.

The capital city of this jolly country is located Lusaka and is specifically located in the South- Central part of the country.


Just like any other country, Zambia also has a story to tell the young generation. Initially the country was purely inhabited by the Khoisan. At a certain point in time specifically in the eighteenth century, they had to be colonized by the British Protectorates but later on they gained back their independence. To be more precise they became independent in the year 1964. The country enjoyed the single party state jargon till the year 1991when decentralization and other social economic activities came in place.

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Geographically Zambia is described as a country that is landlocked in the southern part of Africa. Tits location ensures that the tropical climate is always experienced. This is perfect since it is the breeding ground of most of the sites that attract the tourists. It is therefore important to have an in depth understanding of the features that naturally occur in this part of the African continent. For starters it will be fair enough to know that the country mainly consists of tropical plateaus that are high; there are also a number of mountains and hills. The country is also privileged since there are dissections of the rift valley.

There are two river basins that drain the country:

  • The Zambezi basin

It is commonly referred to as the Kafue basin and it’s massive since it covers three quaters of the country. It runs from the west to the south and genuinely to the centre of the country.

There is also a reason why it is the largest in the country. Ideally there are several lakes, rivers and tributaries that run through it. Most of these rivers are the major ones like the Luanga, Kafue, Lungwebungu, Kabompo and the Zambezi River. The rivers have a flow system and to describe the flow, we shall consider one of the major rivers: River Zambezi, it has a southern border that enjoins in Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe and it flows into the country from the western side. It has several tributaries that divert to the Angola mainly in the highland region.

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The other tributaries that are known to be large include the Kafue and the Luangwa and they have confluences with the main river Zambezi.

There are also falls and valleys within the Zambezi basin. The Zambezi falls is located in the Southern part while the Victoria Falls are on the south western corner but something interesting is that it subsequently flows into Lake Kariba. Earlier on we discovered that there is a valley within the basin and it is addressed as the Zambezi valley that is very wide and forms the southern border. There is also a rift valley and this makes the country one of the major attraction sites in the southern part of Africa.

The Congo Basin- it is slightly small and edgy and is believed to cover the remaining quarter of Zambia. Apart from its basins, it is noted that it has a drainage basin that serves a lake in another country. To be more precise, there is a limited area presently located in the northeastern part that act as the internal drainage system of Lake Rukwa that is located in one of its neighboring countries- Tanzania.

This is ideally the features that are found on the southern part of the country what of the Northern part? Here the terrain is rather plain and flat with lots of plains that are broad. The Barotse plains for example are always referred to as the flood plain since it typically floods for a long period of time between Decembers to June every year. It is evident that the floods dominate the cycle of the country’s system in that it is the dominant of the natural environment and all its inhabitants.

There is also the region of diversity in the country. Yes, the Eastern part where the Zambia plateaus is located. Aside from the plateaus, there are mountains and hills that are notably found on the valley and the Nyika Plateau. There are the Muchinga Mountains which forms the culminating point making it the highest point in the entire country.

There is one of the most uninterrupted falls referred to as the Kalombo falls and ranks among the largest in the African continent and it is part of Lake Tanganyika that flows in the country and into its neighboring country Tanzania.

There are two main seasons in the tropical country that is fairly attractive: the summer which is usually dry and the rainy season. The rainy season is usually from November to April. It then corresponds to the summer and then the dry which is subdivided into cool and dries which is usually between May and June and later on the hot and dry season that is mostly in the months of September, October and November.

The temperature experienced in the country averages to about twenty degrees making it quite human friendly and the influence of the modifying altitudes give the country the privilege of experiencing the sub tropical conditions.

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Economic aspect

Economically, Zambia is doing fairly in that there are certain activities that promote the daily lives of the inhabitants. Most of the people dwell in agriculture as their main source of income. With the friendly weather condition, it is therefore possible to come up with the best products. Alternatively, mining is the other source of their income.

Zambia is therefore one of the most attractive countries to visit because of its perfect terrain, good weather and the healthy food that is supported by the environmental conditions.

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