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JW/UA3IPL Spitsbergen Archipelago

Alexander Glyuz, UA3IPL will be active again from Spitsbergen archipelago 28 April - 29 August 2015 as JW/UA3IPL.
He will be active on HF Bands CW (slow speed) , SSB, RTTY, PSK31, JT65.
He will use Yaesu FT-857D with FC30 tuner and G5RV antenna.
QSL via RW6HS direct.

Spitsbergen JW/UA3IPL Attractions

Spitsbergen is discovered and named by Willem Barentsz in 1596 .
Spitsbergen meaning "Pointed mountains" from Dutch spits- pointed, bergen - mountains.

Official language - Norwegian.
Population- 72% Norwegians, 16% Russians, Ukranians, 12% others.
Currency - Norwegian krone.
Time - UTC+1 Summer time UTC +2.
International phone code-prefix- +47.
Internet domain- .no
Amateur Radio prefix- JW.
DXCC country - Spitsbergen (Svalbard).
WAC Award - Europe.
CQ WAZ Award Zone - 40.
International Telecommunication Union Zone - ITU 18.
QTH Locator - JQ98.

Spitsbergen JW/UA3IPL Attractions 1

Spitsbergen the prominence of northern Norway

In north Norway Spitsbergen holds the significance of being the only islet that has inhabitants on permanent basis in Svalbard group of islets. Not only this, Spitsbergen is also the largest islet of this region so it is noted for its uniqueness and position. Estimates show that islet is covering 39,044 kilometer square and this makes it Norway’s largest islet also internationally it stands on 36th position in list of largest islands of world. It mostly formulated western mass of island group and shares borders with Arctic Ocean, Greenland Sea and Norwegian Sea.

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Main administrative region of this islet is known as Longyearbyen. Significant point to highlight here is that islet was utilized as whaling base during seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. When the end of nineteenth century approached mining of coal started ad this led to establishment of numerous communities on permanent basis. Two most important industries of this region are tourism and research. Interesting point that should be highlighted here is that no roads are there for connecting settlements in fact aircrafts, boats and snowmobile are used dealing with various transportation related requirements. Climatic conditions of islet are regarded as Arctic, but they are very handsome and support life.

Spitsbergen Archipelago JW/UA3IPL


Willem Barentsz was discoverer of this islet and he gave it the name Spitsbergen, it means pointed mountains. During 17th and 18th century islands included in group were regarded as Greenland by whalers from England. The fate of these islets was determined by a treaty that was signed in year 1920 and it was given the title of Spitsbergen treaty. When island went into governance of Norway the archipelago was given the title of Svalbard and this happened in year 1925.

Spitsbergen Archipelago JW/UA3IPL DX News

Events of Historical significance

It is stated by historical sources that Barentsz discovered this islet in1596 while he was in search of North Sea route and in 1623 an acceptable map was provided and after this better and improved maps came with the passage of time. There are speculations that islet group was in knowledge of hunters from Russia, but thing is that no significant historical evidence is present for proving this point. During World War II soldiers of allied group were placed on this islet for preventing Germany from occupying islets.

Spitsbergen Archipelago JW/UA3IPL Tourist Attractions

Climatic conditions

Influence of higher altitude is commonly observed in climatic changes faced by Spitsbergen. Mean temperature that is noted during summers is 4 degree centigrade to 6 degree centigrade. Currents from Northern Atlantic bring moderation in temperature of this region and this happens more specifically during winter season because of this reason waters surrounding the islet stay open and navigation is also ensured. Inside firth valley and regions that have shelters from mountains face lesser variations in temperature in comparison to coasts. When winters, arrive prominent difference present between Southern and Northern regions is generally 5 degree centigrade and during summers it is 3 degree centigrade. Fog is a common finding during summer season and visibility is less than one kilometer. Frequent precipitation is also noted, but it falls inside smaller concentrations generally lesser than 400mm in west of Spitsbergen. Rainfall is noticed more in eastern side that is uninhabited.

Spitsbergen Archipelago JW/UA3IPL Map Where is Spitsbergen located

Transportation Trends and relevant issues

Within some parts a system of roads is present, but these don’t show connection with each other. Moving off roads using different types of motor transportation is not allowed, but during winter season use of snowmobiles is very common and these are utilized not only for recreational, but also commercial reasons. During twelve months of a year transportation by ships is very common. Good point is that majority of settlements contains ports also a network of buses is present in Longyearbyen. The only airport of the islet is known as Svalbard Airport and it controls the entire air traffic associated with this islet. People living in these regions are well aware of different ways of living and normally prefer snowmobiles for moving from one part of islet to another.

Spitsbergen Picture JW/UA3IPL

Administrative center

Longyearbyen is a popular and most noted settlement which functions as Administrative center of Spitsbergen. The estimates which were presented in 2008 indicated towards point that a total of 2040 individuals reside in this region. Longyearbyen Community Council is responsible for different affairs like educational considerations facilities related with culture, department of fire, ports, roads etc. Also, the town provides seat for Governor. In Svalbard it’s regarded as biggest settlement that is present in lower part of valley along Longyearelva River. The administrative center has been divided into a number of localities. If we consider climatic conditions of this region, then Arctic climatic experiences are noted by natives. During summers mean temperature is four to six degree centigrade on the other side during winters mean temperature is 12 to 16 degree centigrade. The information, which was collected in 2008, reflected that total population of this region consists of 2040 individuals as we have already mentioned above. 70 % of households are believed to contain only one person.

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People have a strong affiliation with their cultural values and give them good respect. A council is responsible for handling activities related with culture like cinema, library, and gallery and youth clubs. A sporting club is also present inside this town. Interesting point is that two museums are also present inside the town and they all show some really deep and prominent aspects related with Spitsbergen.

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Some interesting points related with Longyearbyen

  • An American was present behind the founding of this area. John Lonyear took the initiative and started a company for coal.
  • The soil of this region stays in permanent state throughout the year.
  • An interesting native tradition is that people dont wear shoes indoors and visitors also have to follow these customs even in hotels.

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  • Snow scooters are normally preferred by people and thus enjoy status of being popular mode of transportation.
  • Reindeers are found roaming in the town commonly without any fear.

In short, Spitsbergen is an ideal location and has many attractive aspects associated with it.

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