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XT2CML Burkina Faso

Ivaylo, LZ1CLM will be active from Burkina Faso until 30 September 2014 as XT2CML.
He will be active on all HF bands CW, SSB.
He is using FT-857 100 watt HF transceiver and dipole antenna.

Landlocked: Burkina Faso

Surrounded by all sides, this West African country of approximate 275,000 sq. Kilometers is surrounded by six sides of nations. To the north lies Mali, to the East, Niger, and Benin on the Southeast, Toga and Ghana to the South with the Ivory Coast to the Southwest.

The capital is Ouagadougou and has a population of 15.75 million.


Hunters once occupied today’s Northwestern part of Burkina Faso. Through archaeological digs in 1973, there were tools unearthed. These tools included chisels, scrapers and arrowheads. There was not much more knowledge known about the indigenous people. Their primary livelihood was agriculture. These agricultural environments began to spring up between 3600 and 2500 BC. Between 1500 and 1000 BC ceramics, iron and polished stone was beginning to be used by the indigenous people. It was also during this time that religion began to flourish as demonstrated by spiritual burial grounds.

Up until sometime during the 15thor 16th century the Dogons live in the North and Northwestern regions of Burkina Faso. They eventually left for the Bandiagria Cliffs. Ruins left by an unknown people still are showing their high walls.

The Central part of Burkina Faso included a number of Mossi Kingdoms, with the most powerful being the Wagadogo and Yatenga. It is believed they emerged during early 16th century. There is some obscurity in this history as there is a legend of heterogeneous set of warrior figures.

Burkina Faso XT2CML

The Road to Independence:

At the time of colonization, during the late 19th century, the Mossi began to live in villages based on kinships and clans, whether extended or otherwise. They lived by cultivating a small number of crops as well as relying on hunting, fishing and livestock.

Following many other West African tribes the Mossi began trading with the Europeans and eventually the Americans. Through European trade the Mossi made use of European cloth and tools. Through American imports they began to develop a taste for a different cuisine. After centuries of trade the Mossi crop was integrated into the trading.

After a decade of fighting between the British and the French, the French defeated the Mossi Kingdom. Ouagadougou was defeated by French Colonial forces and in 1896 became a French protectorate.

The French and British convention divided the colonies. The French made French the official language. Promoted the French to high positions. They did however; start schools and those who were high achievers were able to continue their study in France.

Draftees from the colonies fought on the fronts during World

War I. 1915 and 1916 the Burkina Faso and the western edge of Mali engaged the French in an uprising, the French lost several battles prior to coming to terms with the known as the Volta- Bani wars.

Burkina Faso XT2CML DX News


Burkina Faso is one of the friendliest of the West African Nations. It was recognized in 1947 after many years of battlefield struggle. While not a major tourist attraction, visiting will familiarize you with the African culture and music.


There are 17 million people that occupy Burkina Faso. It is ethnically integrated and is its own state. Most of the population is concentrated in the south and center of the country.

Each year at least several hundred thousand migrate to Ghana and Cote d’lvoirv. Influenced by external events. Due to the civil war, most of the Burkinabe’ is fleeing back from Cote d’lvoirv by the thousands. Few Burkinabe’ have had a formal education. There is compulsory grade school education but, due the costs of supplies only about 54% of the grade age students (which is until the age of 16). Many students are compelled to work for the family rather than attend school. There is however schools of higher education, the first one opened in 1974.


Burkina Faso is one of the poorest nations in the world. The landlocked location has a high population density and low natural resources. Agriculture is 90% of Burkinabe’ income and that is below subsistent. The variances in rainfall amount make agriculture at best a very difficult way to make a living.

Burkina Faso XT2CML Tourist Attractions

Things to do:

There are a good amount of things to do in the various cities of Burkina Faso;

  • Lake Tengrela – The best place for seeing hippos. The best time of year is the dry months January – April. Lake Tengrela is a laid back location with the ability to lay in the shade of the Mango Trees. The location is loaded with birds and water lilies and easy to boat on.
  • Domes De Fabadougou – Limestone formations have been sculpted by many years of erosion. They are fashioned in the shape of eggs and fingers. Choose a cooler time to go, as it is very hot.
  • Karfiguella Falls – A small walk from the parking lot on a path filled by mango trees. Dip your fit in the cooling water and just hang out awhile. You can stop by the kiosk and grab yourself a cool drink to eat with your picnic lunch. The upper pools are not that impressive, but the view from the top is beautiful.

How to get around:

By plane: There are a number of planes on a global basis going to and from various sections of Burkina Faso, primarily in the capital city of Ouagadougou.

By Train: Inter country trips are available to the main areas of Burkina Faso. First class packages aren’t always available.

By Car: The wealthiest Burkinabe’ who own cars generally travel by bus as the roads are so bad. Taxis can be erratic.

By Bus: Busses can easily be taken to neighboring countries such as, Mali, Ghana and Benin.

Hotels: As this is not a tourist location, there are very few properties available.


This poverty ridden locked in country still manages to have beautiful sights and wonderment. However, it is not substantially geared for the tourist trade. While, this country currently is not in a war, several of the surrounding countries are. This location would not be recommended for a family vacation.

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