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Kingdom of Bhutan: history, interesting facts

Many people have never heard of the kingdom of Bhutan. Some people even joke that it is a chemical element, hardly a state can bear such a name. But the World Wide Web puts everything in its place, there really is such a state and it has been successfully developing for not one hundred years.

A52AA Bhutan
Bhutan. Author - Rafael Andres.

About the kingdom

It is impossible to say unequivocally when exactly Bhutan originated. Archaeological data claim that this area was inhabited 2 thousand years B.C., but there is no more documentary evidence, as in 1827 the largest library of the capital burned down. Chronicles show that Buddhism appeared in the area as early as the 2nd century. And legends say that the local king Songtsen Gampo (627-649) ordered the erection of two monasteries: Kiichu Lakhang in Paro and Jambay Lakhang in Bumthang. They have survived to this day and are places of pilgrimage.

Today, Bhutan is a small kingdom with only 700,000 inhabitants. For a long period of time the country was completely closed, to come, you had to get a personal invitation signed by the monarch. But, even after the opening of the borders for tourists, you will be very difficult to communicate with the locals, this is due to the fact that law enforcement agencies are watching that the bad influence of the outside world does not affect the mood of the Bhutanese. Communication with the natives is limited as far as it is even possible.

To the common man, this country may seem very strange. Bhutanese do not drink alcohol and do not smoke at all, nor do they eat meat. They grow their own food, most of the necessary things are also produced by themselves. All fertilizers used for the fields are produced by the Bhutanese themselves, the introduction of any chemistry across the border is forbidden. The country has a code of laws, but it may seem strange, it is based on the philosophical teachings of Buddha.

To calculate and measure the well-being of its people, uses not GDP, but a completely different index. It is a happiness index, citizens are repeatedly surveyed on whether they are happy with their lives and what exactly is wrong. Statistics show that Bhutan is one of the happiest countries in the world, more than 40% of the population is happy and only 10% are disappointed with their lives.

In this country, literally everyone is trying to be happy. The previous king of Bhutan set the course for universal happiness, and his son supported him when he succeeded his father on the throne.

A52AA Bhutan DX News

Progress over hundreds of years

The kingdom of Bhutan has been very slow to change. Until 1974, it was almost impossible to enter the country because of a decree issued by one of the kings more than 100 years ago. Television appeared later than in all other countries in the world - in 1999. Many tourists write that most of the technology here simply does not take root, because no one needs it. For example, once there was one traffic light in Bhutan, but over time it was removed, as it interfered with the measured life of the population.

The official statistics of the country, which is calculated according to complex formulas in the Bhutan Research Center, shows that more than 50% of the inhabitants are happy and do not need anything. The calculations take into account not only the opinion of residents, but also indicators of health, family relations, and the state of the environment.

At first glance, just getting acquainted with this amazing place, a person may think that people live very poorly, but this is not true at all. The country's GDP per capita is about 6.5 thousand dollars, which puts this country on a par with Egypt and Sri Lanka. It is worth noting that the inhabitants of ordinary working professions get about 3$ a day, and more complex (doctors, scientists, etc.) about 8-10$.

In addition to happiness, this country produces other resources. A large amount of electricity is produced, part of which is exported. Also are grown: root crops, corn, spices, citrus rice, vegetable oil is made. Marble and coal are also mined.
This country has been minimally affected by modern civilization, for example, there is no railroad at all. Cars are very minimal, not everywhere there are markings on the roads. There are two airports in the kingdom, through which tourists can visit Bhutan.

A52AA Bhutan Tourist attractions spotBhutan. Author - Hema K. Pillalamarri.

Thunder Dragon Kingdom

This country is inhabited by people who truly lead a puritanical lifestyle. The people of this country are very religious and superstitious. The country is often called the kingdom of the thunder dragon, because the thunder in the mountains is the roar of the dragon. Meat in the country is used very rarely. The inhabitants themselves do not kill animals at all, Buddhism forbids any violence, so the importation of products is made from India. But, it is important to understand that the government regulates the amount of meat sold, in some months shops with such a product can be closed.

Smoking is prohibited, and can be seriously penalized for it. This is due to the law of Buddhism, which prohibits the use of any such substances. Foreigners are allowed to import a small amount of smokes for their needs, but it must be declared. Residents of the country face severe punishment for such an act. Once a Buddhist monk was caught smuggling 2.5 dollars worth of chewing tobacco, for which he received 3 years in prison.

The story of a modern monarch

Today, Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck has established himself on the throne of the kingdom of Bhutan. This man studied in the UK and USA and was crowned in 2006. He introduced a democratic system by a willful decision, dividing power between himself and the people elected to the House. His fellow citizens did not understand why this should be done, considering the king one of the best rulers.

Indeed, Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuk has abolished polygamy and is content with one wife (his father had 4), although he is considered very handsome, an enviable man for the whole region. The king lives in a small log house, in the jungle, although he is still very young. He is very humble and truly cares for the welfare of the entire population of Bhutan.

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