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A52P op SP9FIH and A52CI op SP6CIK will be active from Bhutan, 19 April - 4 May 2024.
They will operate on HF Bands.
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A52P A52CI Bhutan News 22 February 2024

In preparation for upcoming (April 19 - May 4) A52P and A52CI DXpedition operators SP9FIH, Janusz, and SP6CIK, Les, make three simple requests:

Do not make duplicate contacts.
Please listen before you call. Do not ask for our callsigns.
When calling, give your full callsign, not two or three letters.
A52P A52CI.

The Kingdom of Bhutan or another reality

One of the most mysterious and stunningly beautiful places on the world map is the Kingdom of Bhutan. It is nestled on the southern slope of the majestic Himalayas. It is impossible to believe, but only recently the state has opened its traditions and culture to the world. Before that, entry to the country was possible only by invitation of the king. However, those who managed to get the approval of the head of the kingdom must clearly follow the plan of visiting the sights.

A52P A52CI BhutanBhutan. Author - Ron Dilley.

Features of Bhutan

This is a country where there is no industry, so nature has a unique pristine appearance. One of the most ancient forests of the planet, the purest rivers from which you can drink are preserved here.

Thanks to its Buddhist religion, the population of Bhutan does not smoke. In the kingdom there is a ban on the sale of tobacco. In addition, the locals do not kill animals and grow only natural food. The basis is rice, corn, citrus fruits, spices, which are famous all over the world. Everything that Bhutanese people consume, they produce themselves. The only product brought from India is meat. In Bhutan the land is not fertilized with chemical fertilizers, as it is forbidden. That is why the products here are of the highest quality.

The architecture of the kingdom is unique and far from modernity. Houses are built according to ancient traditions in the same style. There are many temples built here, where monks live.

A52P A52CI Bhutan DX NewsBhutan. Author - Mussi Katz.

Another reality

Amazingly, there are no traffic lights, very few cars, and no railroads in the cities. You can only get to the country by airplane. And television officially appeared here only 25 years ago. Once in the kingdom, you get as if into another reality.

Bhutan cares about cleanliness: there is practically no dirt on the streets, and garbage is sorted. The Bhutanese are a rather original people. Locals wear exclusively national clothes. The traditional dress of men is a long plaid robe with wide sleeves, which is tied with a belt, and women are wrapped in colorful fabrics, like saris.

The people of Bhutan are very hospitable, modest and polite. The opinion of others is much more important to them than their own. They never enter into disputes, and are always ready to listen to the point of view of their interlocutor. The people are very peaceful.

A52P A52CI Bhutan Tourist attractions spotBhutan. Author - Rafael Andres.

Happiness is off the charts

The most important goal in the state is the happiness of all citizens. Incredibly, this provision is enshrined in the country's Constitution. There is even a controlling body headed by the Prime Minister, which checks the level of happiness of the population. It is calculated in the scientific center of Bhutan.

"Are you happy?" - is the main question asked in the census. And it really works. The last census showed that more than 50% of the population is very happy.

Progress is very slow in the country. Centuries-old traditions do not want to give way to modern ones, many residents have never left their country, have not seen the luxury in which many other nations live. But they are still perfectly happy living their own, unique lives.

In Bhutan, no one is in a hurry to get anywhere. Life flows at a measured pace, creating a unique harmony. It sounds unrealistic, but the state body does not seek to provide the population with material benefits.

Even kings are submissive to love

A young monarch rules the country with his beautiful wife. Their love story stunned the whole world. The king married an ordinary girl. Their meeting took place when she was a seven-year-old girl. He fell in love with her at first sight and promised that he would definitely marry her when he grew up. But no one paid much attention to his words at the time.

According to Bhutanese tradition, a king must have several wives. Time passed, the monarch was educated in Europe, returned to his homeland, and was amazed at how beautiful his chosen one had become. He immediately proposed to her and she, of course, agreed. The wedding took place according to all Buddhist traditions. The couple was dressed in beautiful yellow suits decorated with golden patterns. Important guests from all over Asia were invited to the wedding. The newlyweds were such a beautiful couple and so glowing with happiness that it was impossible to take one's eyes off them.

After the wedding, the king issued a decree banning polygamy, thus once again proving his love for his beautiful wife. Surprisingly, the royal couple does not live in a luxurious palace. They are modestly settled in a wooden hut in the mountains. The people love their king and queen very much.

This is a country of amazing people, almost untouched by civilization, who sacredly revere their traditions. Here they still believe that thunder is the roar of a dragon that descended from heaven. The locals do not know what fast food is at all. Every year there are colorful religious festivals, and then the streets of Bhutan remind one of the times.

A52P A52CI. Where is Bhutan located. Map.

A52P A52CI Bhutan. Sunrise 06-18-2024 at 23:01 GMT sunset at 12:57 GMT
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