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AH0CO/KH8 American Samoa

Nobu, JA0JHQ will be active from American Samoa 7 - 12 January 2015 as AH0CO/KH8.
He will operate on HF bands SSB, CW.
QSL via home call.

American Samoa-paradise in the middle of Pacific

General info

Group of islands called American Samoa is located about halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand. It is inhabited by approximately 55.500 people, of which 93% are Samoans and 7% European, Asian, and others. Primary religion is Christianity. Closest islands are Cook Islands on the east, Tokelau on north and Tonga on the south.

American Samoa includes five islands and two smaller atolls. The biggest and the most inhabited island is Tutuila, than there are Manu'a and Swain islands, as well as Rose atoll. Samoan islands are mountain-like, of volcanic origin, surrounded by the coral reefs, inland covered in wide valleys. 47% of territory is rainforest, and coastline is covered in coconut palms and breadfruit.

Capital city: Pago Pago

Currency: American dollar

Islands of American Samoa shine like a beautiful diamond in warm blue waters of Pacific. Volcanic eruptions created and formed these islands, and they are incredibly beautiful. Islands' topography is in mountains that rise into the clouds, lush rain forests and palms that surround beautiful sandy beaches. Lagoons that shine on the sun are amazing sea paradise. They are inhabited by approximately 200 different types of corals and almost 900 fish species. No wonder that first European visitors were thrilled by these islands, where scent of frangipani swayed in the air.

American Samoa AH0CO/KH8

Samoan history

It is assumed that about 1 000 B.C. Samoan islands were first inhabited by the Lapitans. These ancient inhabitants of Polynesia were brave explorers and skilled sailors. They evidently arrived to Pacific islands from south-east Asia. In following centuries, Lapitanian ancestors kept on moving toward Tahiti, and then onto north to Hawai, southwest to New Zealand and southeast to Easter Islands. Today this huge triangle in Pacific is called Polynesia, which means "many islands", and its inhabitants are called Polynesians.

American Samoa AH0CO/KH8 DX News

Visiting Samoa

Capital of American Samoa, Pago Pago, is the biggest city in this American territory with its 3.600 inhabitants. It has international airport. When you arrive there, make sure to visit the big food market (Maketi Fou) where you will enjoy amazing variety of fresh fruit and vegetables: coconuts, pineapples, and many other that you have probably never seen before. People on Samoa primarily eat seafood, fish, especially tuna, crabs and barbecue, or more accurately meat prepared on hot stones. In lot of meals they put leaves of banana and coconut milk. Try local vegetable called taro (it resembles potato) in sauce made of coconut leaves and milk. Coconut is very important nutrient on Samos: people use it as food and as material to make jewelry, baskets, etc.

American Samoa AH0CO/KH8 Tourist attractions

Country without graveyards

American Samoan culture is fascinating, and local way of life (fa’a Samoa) still resists global influence. Locals respect matai (village chiefs), alii (main chief) and tulafale (speaking chief), that together create laws for their village. Women councils also have important role in deciding. Samoan houses, called Falas, are also very unique. They have oval leave roof positioned over piers, between which they roll down palm leaves "blinds". Wooden piers are wrapped in ropes weaved into ornaments called sennits. People in American Samoa don't have graveyards: they bury their dead into their yards. Almost all inhabitants are Christians, and American Samoa motto is: Fa’avae i le Atua Samoa (God is the foundation of American Samoa).

Hanging bridges

There are several accommodation options-for example, you can stay in now historic building Sadie Thompson Building. This hotel was opened back at the beginning of 20th century, and it is significant because writer W. Somerset Maugham stayed there for a month an half-and used this experience as a base for his story "Rain" that was later a base for the movie Sadie Thompson.

Nature on American Samoa is magnificent: there are tropical rain forests with hanging bridges, breath-taking waterfalls, long sandy beaches, lagoons, caves worth exploring. You will never forget incredible and very unique experience of American Samoan spa experience: you lay in the middle of tropical rain forest on a banana leaf, masseuse is giving you a relaxing massage, and then out of nowhere comes strong local man to cut off coconut off a palm with a sword, so that masseuse can rub coconut milk into your skin. People on American Samoa are always smiling and polite, and do their best to satisfy your tourist interests.

Visiting waterfalls and natural blow horns

As we have already mentioned, you can observe beautiful waterfalls on American Samoa. The most magnificent waterfalls on the main island is located just near the southern island coast.

While walking down the south end of the road you will pass by several beautiful waterfalls, one more magnificent than the other. The first one you will cross is an excellent location to enjoy a pleasant and refreshing swim. After a relaxing swim, keep on walking toward the second waterfall and have a picnic in well-kept garden and picnic location just over the waterfall. And if you want to complete this sightseeing route, continue bit further, toward the largest waterfall in the line, which is 55 meters high.

Visit Cape Taputapu to enjoy in breath-taking scenery of rugged shoreline with volcanic rocks and natural blowholes shaped by the waves over a long period of time.

Swimming with turtles

Visit to American Samoa wouldn't be complete without this amazing and very unique experience-swimming with grand turtles, in the Savaii’s Satoalepai village.

The Satoalepai Wetlands is the perfect location to enable your entire family to enjoy close encounter with these majestic, large animals that can reach as much as 190 kilograms. They are very peaceful and used to "hanging out" with tourists, so you can freely get into the water and swim alongside these gentle giants.

Experience of swimming with green turtles in their natural surrounding is also possible, nearby the around Namua Island, just southeast of the Upolu.

Brave tattoing

Tattoos are locals trademark; it is even belied that English term tattoo has origin in Samoan term tatau. Female tattoos are called malu (covering lef from knee to thigh), and male's are called pe’a (going from waist to knee). Tattooing is painful procedure: paint is introduced by bone, wood or tusk needle. Tattooed men are called soga’imiti and are considered very brave, and it is considered disgraceful if tattoo hasn't been finished.

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