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B7CRA Yongxing Island Paracel Islands

A group of Chinese radio amateurs members of Chinese Radio Amateur Club will be active again from Yongxing Island, IOTA AS-143, Paracel Islands in period 26 June - 2 July 2017 as B7CRA.
They will operate on 80 - 6m (no 30m activity planned) CW, SSB, Digital modes.
Ads for direct QSL:
Dale Yu, 138-3302,Yinren Yushu Garden, WUXI 214011, China.
Yongxing Island is have another name Woody Island.
DXCC Country - China.

Paracel Islands B7CRA Map

Paracel Islands B7CRA

Paracel Islands B7CRA DX News

Paracel Islands Map

B7CRA. Where is Yongxing Island located. Map.

B7CRA Yongxing Island Paracel Islands. Sunrise 06-23-2017 at 21:57 GMT sunset at 11:08 GMT
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