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OH1VR/VP9 Bermuda

OH1VR will be active from Bermuda Islands 10 - 13 July 2014 as OH1VR/VP9.
He will be active on HF Bands CW
QSL via home call

Bermuda (Sowers Isles) is group of the islands in Atlantic ocean near Sargasso Sea and East Coast of USA.
Bermuda is in zone subtropical climat.
Capital of Bermuda islands Hamilton.
Official language - English
Time UTC -4 Summer UTC -3
Internet domain .bm
British Overseas Territory
Currency Bermudian Dollar
In 1503 Bermuda islands discovered by Juan de Bermudez Spanish explorer.
Because of frequent storms and dangerouse reefs, Bermuda islands is became known also as Isle of Devils.

Bermuda OH1VR/VP9 QSL

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