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Dom, M1KTA will be active again from Gambia 12 March - 17 March 2015 as C5/M1KTA.
He will operate on 80 - 10m including activity in Beru Contest.
He is hopefull for side trip over to IOTA AF-060.
QSL via home call, LOTW.
Dom is apply for a shorter call.

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Gambia C5/M1KTA

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Dominic Baines
  • Callsign: M1KTA.........C5/M1KTA
  • 2014-02-14 14:54:29
Nice post tnx. Tne QSL card was from 2012 trip which is why I knew about the better location to operate well away from Bajul and the rest of the Atlantic cost hotel strip. The picture was of me feeding the monkeys in the forest behind the beach. I should have 30m as well but all depends on activity. Solo and holiday trip so not 24x7 operating. NOTE I will be QRP only so please listen then listen again before calling as I might be split, do not trash the calling frequency if I am operating split TX UP from my frequency. 72 Dom