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C91PA C93PA Mozambique

Johannes, PA5X is currently active from Mozambique as C91PA and C93PA.
He is working on HF Bands SSB, Digital modes.
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Johannes Hafkenscheid, Riouwstraat 89A, Amsterdam, 1094 XK, Netherlands.

Mozambique C91PA Tourist attractions spotMozambique. Author - Tom Brune.

Mozambique C91PA Indian Ocean, near Maputo.Indian Ocean, near Maputo, Mozambique. Author - Steve Lamb.

Mozambique C91PA DX News Bazaruto Archipelago.Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique. Author - Francois de Halleux.

C91PA C93PA. Where is Mozambique located. Map.

C91PA C93PA Mozambique. Sunrise 07-15-2024 at 04:09 GMT sunset at 15:18 GMT
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