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CE0X/WU2D San Felix Island

WU2D will be active from San Felix Island (IOTA SA-013) 8-13 July 2014 as CE0X/WU2D.
He will be active on 20,17, 15 m mainly SSB.

San Felix Island, known as Desventurados Islands, Islas de los Desventurados (Spanish: Unfortunate Islands) , is group of 4 islands located 850km off the coast of Chile.
Islands- San Ambrosio, San Félix, Gonzalez and Roca Catedral.
 DXCC country- San Felix.
WAC continent- South America.
WAZ zone- CQ 12.
ITU zone- 14.
QTH locators- EG93, FG03.
RSGB IOTA- IOTA SA-013 San Felix and San Ambrosio (Islas de los Desventurados).
San Felix Island CE0X/WU2D
San Felix Island CE0X/WU2D Where San Felix Island located
Video San Felix Island.


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