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CE0Y/PG5M Easter Island

Gerben, PG5M will be active from Easter Island (IOTA SA-001) 23-28 November 2014 as CE0Y/PG5M.
He will be active on HF bands CW.
QSL via home call, OQRS.

Easter island a strong link to history of Rapa Nui

In southeast of the well known Pacific ocean Easter island is present at southeast of much noted Polynesian Triangle. There are many points that have brought recognition for Easter Island, but it’s more specifically noted for prodigious statues that are better known as Moai and it is being said that persons responsible behind their creation were Rapa Nui People. This area holds status of being World Heritage Site and without any doubt it deserves this recognition. A greater part of this islet is being protected by Rapa Nui National Park.

People from Polynesia got established upon this piece of floating land and this led to the creation of blooming culture and a reflection of this can be seen in form of moai, but different unhealthy aspects related with human activities and introduction of rats from Polynesia along with overgrowth of population resulted in deforestation also depletion of resources created by nature unfortunately it paved way for destruction of civilization. European people arrived at Easter Island in year 1722 and important highlight in this regard is that by that Time Island’s population had faced a significant decrease. Things took worse turns when diseases, which were introduced by sailors of Europe further contributed in the decrease of population and things took drastic turns from there on.

It will not be a wrong point to highlight here that Easter Island falls inside list of remotest islets that are present on earth that have population of humans. This piece of land floating in water is considered as a specialized Chile’s territory, which was added in year 1888. It is being administered by Valparaiso Region. The information, which was presented by valid sources in year 2012, suggested that 5800 individuals are residing on Easter Island.

Naming of islet

Jacob Roggeveen was an explorer from Europe and he gave this islet the title Easter Island and this happened because he came face to face with this islet on a Sunday of Easter in 1722 actually he was seeking Davis Island at that time. In Polynesia this islet is known as Rapa Nui. However, many traditions and stories related with naming of Easter Island are present like Barthel in 1974 mentioned that initially this islet was known as Te pito o te kainga. Popularly Easter Island is title that is being used by masses for referring towards this islet. You will be interested in knowning history of this popular islet, but a point of significant consideration is that Easter Island is known for possessing a richer and somewhat controversial history. The people who have used this island as home had face many tough situations in form of famines, slave raid, civil wars, epidemics, deforestation, decline of population and many more things. The traditions, which have been conveyed orally, suggest that Anakena was the first spot where a settlement was established. During major part of history people from Polynesia have used this islet. It is also stated that after construction of Moai took place the practice of cannibalism started here which resulted into deforestation and degradation of environment and destabilization of ecosystem. The records, which have been gathered by extensive studies, have suggested that during the time of first settlement this island contained a diverse range of tree species and birds, but environmental destruction brought a lot of damage to the integrity of living beings here and today many species are extinct.

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Geographical aspects related with Easter Island

We have already indicated above that this islet is one of the remotest islets that are found on globe. The neighbor which lies close to it is Pitcairn Island and this one is situated at a distance of 2075 kilometers towards west and contains only one hundred inhabitants. This islet is known to be 24.6 kilometer longer and possess a triangle like shape. The area, which it covers is 63.2 sq mi and maximum altitude related with its 507 m.

Climatic Conditions

The area is known to possess Koppen climate classification and this climate is categorized as tropical rainforest climate. Lowest temperature variations are recorded during months of July and August and highest is recorded during February. Winters are not that much stronger and May is the month, which receives rainfall in great concentration. The islet is more exposed to winds and for this credit goes to isolation in which this islet is present and this provides great aid in keeping temperature cool. Average precipitation is 1118mm per year. Heavier rainfall as well rainstorms hit this islet.

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Demographic detail

The data which was collected in year 2012 indicated towards the point that 5761 individuals live in this part of the world. If we put a look at historical aspects related with demographic history then in year 1982, 1936 individuals used to live here and increase in number of inhabitants took place because of the arrivals of people from Europe. Majority preferred to get married with Rapanui Spouses and nearly seventy percent of population was locals.

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Whenever the discussion is related with Easter Islands the mention of Moai deserves special importance. It is believed that these statues were made Rapa Nui people from 1250 to 1500. The defining feature related with all moai is that these possess larger heads. It is said that these statues actually represent living face of hallowed ancestors. Special point to highlight here is that production as well as transportation of eight hundred and eighty seven statues is considered as an event of very high significance and value. Tallest known moai was known as Paro and sources suggest that its height was ten meters and weight was 82 tons. It will not be wrong to mention that moai capture the attention of researchers and tourists from across the globe because people are interested in their shape, structure and most importantly history. It is stated by a good number of archaeologists that these statues were taken as symbols of power as well as authority and people used to give them very high value and significance. Every statue possesses a deep meaning and reflects the thoughts of creator.

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