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DU3/R7KW DU3/YL3JM Luzon Island

R7KW and YL3JM will be active from Luzon Island, IOTA OC-042, 24 November- 2 December 2014 as DU3/R7KW and DU3/YL3JM.
They planning activity from IOTA OC-244 also.

Luzon Island - beautiful jewel of colorful Philippines

General info

Average temperature on the coast: between 28C to 35C

In mountain regions of Luzon temperatures can drop to 15C.

Temperature of sea: 24C to 31C, depending on season and location

Luzon island is a part of Philippines archipelago; it is most important and the biggest island within archipelago. Manila, Philippines capital as well as Quezon city are both located on the Luzon. Island is in the north of archipelago, surrounded by several seas: on east by Philippine Sea, on south by Sibuyan Sea and on the west by South China Sea. It borders with Taiwan on north.

Luzon island-natural beauty within archipelago

Endless beauty of deep blue seas in which islands resemble scattered pearls, 20 of 7.107 of them being active volcanoes, beauty of the region, forests, waterfalls, azure magic of beaches with crystal white sand, smiling Philippino people-all this beauty lies within Luzon and within Philippines,

This exotic archipelago in south east Asia is today inhabited with 90 million people. It was discovered by Magellan in 1521 when he first sailed around the world. After Magellan, Miguel Lopez Delagaspo came with his armada and conquered islands, subduing them to Spanish rule. Spanish rule lasted for 4 centuries. They named their new colony after their king Philip the 2nd, and also brought catholic religion. Philippine people constantly fought against colonizers and managed to break free in 1898, when Spanish-American war started. Their independence didn't last long because as part of peace treaty they became American colony and stayed such until June 1946, when they finally got their independence.

Despite being American colony, people of Philippines are fond of America, speaking English as fluently as local tagaloc language. In local press you can often read ads stating that for certain sum of money you can get temporary American visa.

Luzon Island DU3/R7KW DU3/YL3JM DX News

Manila-Philippines capital, Luzon city with three faces

Philippines capital is conglomerate of 16 cities that make Metro Manila, and anywhere from 12 to 16 million people live in it. City has much to offer, starting from beautiful Manila Ocean Park that is one of the largest aqua parks in Asia, to numerous monuments, beautiful cathedrals, shopping malls, parks and all kinds of interesting sightseeing spots. Makati is the prestigious business center of capital that is inhabited with rich people, their wealth largely differing from poverty just outside their luxury residences. On one side you see luxury rarely seen, and just two blocks away there is poverty "with smile on the face". Body guards take care of peace and comfort of rich people and their careless day to day life. Primary owner of Makati is supposedly old Ayala family, originating in Spain, who own about 35% of Metro Manila. They invest in anything that repays well and do so for centuries, investing in real estates, insurance, banks, resorts, industry, telecommunications, agriculture, export-import, etc. This family has been on Luzon for over 2 centuries, and through marriages they have connected with other powerful families such as Rohas and Zobel family.

Business part of the city resembles bird nests, containing numerous concrete-glass skyscrapers. Up until 1980s these were just rice fields and today this is Philippines Hong Kong. Makati is home to 2 million people, not similar to old art of Manila or rich part of Manila called "Green Hills".

Rich part of city belongs to wealthy Philippine people who besides luxury palaces also own streets that separate them from the rest of the city by metal gates. Besides posh clubs, rich people also own churches that painted in bright colors look like decorative cakes. On immaculate grass fields are golf and polo terrains, and behind them extra modern hotels available only for world elite.

Nearby is classy museum building that is connected with Imelda Marcos, beautiful wife of former Philippines president Ferdinand Marcos. The very same day Imelda became first lady, she ordered that all museum artifacts should be taken outside, so that she can put her 300 pairs of shoes and 2500 dresses there. This controversial family was known by its political, but much more by its luxurious and wasteful in Malakanjang palace that was home to Spanish governors and Philippine presidents for 2 centuries.

Old city quarters have numerous parks and interesting colonial-style restaurants. Not far off Pacific coast, in big park is located magnificent monument to legendary fighter for independence. On dark marble, just three words: 'Doctor Hose Rizal’. National Philippine hero was 35-year old doctor who together with like-minded founded Movement for the Liberation of the Spanish colonizers. He was soon arrested and executed on 30th December 1896. Before execution he wrote a poem for Philippine people called “Last goodbye”, with messager to never surrender.

Luzon Island DU3/R7KW DU3/YL3JM

Jeepneys, rulers of the roads

What brings city together, all of it's faces ad quarters and at the same times makes it unique in the all world? Jeepneys, main mode of transportation in capital! When American left Philippines in 1946, they left some of their military equipment behind, jeeps among this because they had the idea that transport back to America will cost more then leaving them behind. Philippine people use them while they were usable and then started to make their own, rebuilding them in their own style, making them longer, painting them in bright colors, making them shiny and decorative. Jeepneys are decorated with various figurines, colorful, and drive people around the megalopolis for bargain. Today, jeepneys rule the city streets as well as distant outskirts of city. When you see one, you just have to raise your hand to stop it. Instead of back door there is thick chain, when you sit under low roof, your knees will only be visible, and this is how this vehicle got its name: jeep+knee! Jeepney ride is pleasurable experience for everyone; they are often so full that people sit in each other laps, have fun, talk with driver, cheer on him and applaud when driver speeds around other vehicle on the street.

Luzon Island DU3/R7KW DU3/YL3JM Tourist attractions

Other interesting sightseeing spots

Pagsanjan waterfalls are in hills south of Manila, and this is a trip for every adventurous tourist. Between serpentines you can see terrace-like hillside. Muddy Pagsanjan River, calm and seamingly tame is packed with numerous narrow boats. When you board onto small boat, you go toward waterfall with guide. Along the way, scenery changes, forest closes around the river that becomes narrower. Boat enters creek, and river becomes fast, attacking onto boat before it exits onto calm waters again. At the end of attractive, adventurous ride, you reach magnificent waterfall, worth of all the trouble.

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