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E44CM Palestine

PA2CHR and PA3FYC will be active from Palestine 15 - 24 November 2016 as E44CM.
They will operate on 2m and 70cm Bands EME.
Ads for direct QSL:
Jos Wolters, Boven Boukoul 6b, 6071AC Swalmen-Boukoul, Netherlands.

Palestine E44CM Ave Maria, Artas Church, Bethlehem.Ave Maria, Artas Church, Bethlehem, Palestine. Author - Hamada Ghanim.

Palestine E44CM DX News Church of the Nativy, Bethlehem.Church of the Nativy, Bethlehem, Palestine. Author - Daniela A Nievergelt.

Palestine E44CM Tourist attractions spot Bethlehem.Bethlehem, Palestine. Author - Jamie Ross.

Video Palestine.

E44CM. Palestine. Map.

E44CM Palestine. Sunrise 12-02-2023 at 04:20 GMT sunset at 14:36 GMT
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