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E51MKW Manihiki Island

Grant, KZ1W will be active from Manihiki Island (IOTA OC-014) 29 September - 27 October 2015 as E51MKW.
He will operate on HF Bands.
DXCC Country - North Cook Islands.

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Grant Saviers
  • Callsign: KZ1W E51MKW
  • 2015-10-07 14:16:47
CLUBLOG and LoTW were updated with all Q's prior to 0006Z Oct 6. I am getting a large percentage of "insurance" call dupes. PLEASE check CLUBLOG BEFORE making that insurance call! Also, emails for log checks are unnecessary with CLUBLOG and will not be answered until I return. 15m was open to all of USA and SA Sunday after about 1700Z and all Q's were near the noise level with rapid QSB and spotlight propagation. Hang in there if you want a Q. I will try 15 -> 10m in spite of sunspot # at 15. Last night the 80m CW station (E51MQT) wiped out my 40m SSB effort for Europe at greyline. Today we will make some stubs to try to solve that problem. Our power is substantially improved as an arcing neutral was fixed. The 160m antenna was erected yesterday. We plan to move one of my verticals to make space for the radial, so hopefully 160m CW from E51MQT will be OTA tonight.