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E51NOU Rarotonga Island

Bill, N7OU will be active again from Rarotonga Island (IOTA OC-013), South Cook Islands 13 October - 9 November 2014 as E51NOU.
He will be active on 160 - 10m CW only.
QSL via home call.

Rarotonga Island: Tourist destination with hotels and resorts

Rarotonga Island is the most populous island into the (Cook Islands). Out off a total population of nearly 18,000, Rarotonga population is approximately 13,000. Rarotonga holds the Cook Islands Parliament as well as the International Airport.

Located in the heart of the South Pacific the Cook Islands are a net of 15 islands with Rarotonga Island being the Capital as well as having the highest tourism rate.

The volcanic-crags currently form “sawtooth peaks and razorback ridges” which are completely covered by tropical jungle. Separated by canal that runs through steep valleys that separate the ridges and peaks.


First spotted by the Europeans in 1595 by Alvaro de Mendez. The Islands were first completely explored by Cook in 1773 and he returned in 1777. The name Cooks Islands was bestowed upon the Southern Islands in 1835. The northern islands at that time were called Penrhyn Islands.

Missionaries had the greatest impacts on the islands. Through their arrivals Contagious diseases such as the following cough, smallpox, and measles were introduced. Beside disease the missionaries brought along with them the desire to eradicate all indigenous traditions.

Rarotonga became a British as a protectorate of France, which was increasing its holdings in the South Pacific. In 1990, Rarotonga was later annexed from New Zealand

Were included the following year. In 1965 Cook Islands obtained self-governing status for internal affairs. However, foreign policy and defense remain under New Zealand. The primary language is English and this is the language taught in schools.

Rarotonga Island E51NOU 2014

Things to do:

Cook Island cultural village allows the visitor to experience the culture of the Maori people. The experiences include fishing, coconut hacking and other indigenous activities.

Aroa Marine Reserve -For the best snorkeling on the island but there is slight current. Located in front of one of the most prestigious resorts on the island.

Titikaveka Beach – located in the village of Titikaveka, this location is one of the most beautiful locations on the island of Rarotonga. The depth of the water provides the visitor with snorkeling and swimming activities. Coral heads are the perfect habitat for fish hides. This has become the perfect location for the increasing of tropical fish. The lagoon is a perfect location for kayaking and small vessel cruising in favorable conditions.

Cook Island Divers – Tour the undersea world with friendly and knowledgeable tour divers. If you don’t know how to dive, you will be taught by pool diving before being taken to a dive site without a crowd.

Rarotonga Island E51NOU South Cook Islands DX News


Sunhaven Beach Bungalows – A childfree location, the Sunhaven Beach Bungalows are impeccably clean and the hibiscus, towels and linen is changed daily. The staff is extremely friendly and the Aros Restaurant and bar is down the road.

Manuia Beach Resort – It is walking distance from scooterhire. The amenities offer hi speed Internet capabilities, free breakfast, room service and a swimming pool. Aside from the amenities it is located in a blue lagoon with coconut palms swaying with the breeze. The resort is settled right on the beach and you can wander through the tropical gardens while waiting poolside for your cocktail.

Beachfront rentals – are available for those who want the home away from home. Find Pacific style homes with high ceilings, exposed rafters and Italian style kitchens. Enjoy easy walks to the coral reefs and enjoy dining al fresco on your deck. Enjoy mountain views along with the ocean closeness.

Little Polynesian Resort – Offers the finest in Polynesian experience. This humble little hotel offers room service and is located on the beach. It won the Award of Excellence for 2014, and comes highly recommended for the honeymooning couple.

Where to eat:

The Mooring- is a winner of the Award of Excellence for 2014. A seafood restaurant that is a family oriented facility, also great for the romance as well as large parties. The Mooring is open for breakfast, lunch, and brunch and takeout.

Tuoro Restaurant and Café – known for its Tapas cuisine, this restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner. Reservations recommended. Cuisine is New Zealand, Pan Asian and local cuisine. This restaurant is excellent for special occasions and taking out your clients.

Tamarind House Restaurant – This restaurant is located in the city of Avarua and specializes in cuisine of the Pacific Rim. The dining options are breakfast/brunch, lunch, and dinner with reservations, delivery, late night dining and desserts. This restaurant is excellent for large groups and special occasions. Outdoor seating is available.

How to get there:

Popular airlines that fly to Rarotonga are New Zealand Airlines and Virgin Atlantic. Not all flights are non-stop particularly from the United States and Canada.

How to get around:

In order to drive by automobile around Rarotonga you will need a Cook Islands driver’s license. However, temporary rental car licenses are available via car hires from 12 noon to 12 noon the following day.

In order to drive a motor scooter and do not own a Cook Island license. You can get one for $10.00 and a quick and easy driving test. Not all islands have license requirements. There also is not a helmet law.

Busses are available clockwise and counter-clockwise (to and from) across the island. Clockwise they leave town every hour. Counter-clockwise busses leave 25 minutes after the hour.

Bicycles are the most practical way of getting around. Speed limits are low and the inner roads are safe. Bicycle hires are readily available. One precaution for the beginner is tiring from the heat.

Villages by walking are 15 to 25 minutes apart. Most inland locations are just a short walk to the beaches. During low tides walking from village to village is possible. Be sure however, while walking along the road, you do so facing the oncoming traffic.

The Island of Rarotonga is small enough to see all the villages on the island. It will be easy to have breakfast in one village, visit sights in another and have dinner in yet another. There are several sights in several villages and this is just the island to be able to walk or bike your way through.

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