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Members of Six-G DX Ped Group Don G3BJ, Chris G3SVL, Nigel G3TXF, David G3WGN, Mike G3WPH, Hilary G4JKS, Justin G4TSH will be active from Niue Island 16 - 29 September 2015 as E6GG.
They will operate on HF Bands.
QSL via G3TXF.
QTH Locator - AH51cb.
UV5EOZ jamming E6GG


E6GG Niue News 23 September 2015
160 metre operation is going well for the US and Japan, but so far, we have not managed an opening into Western Europe. We are on LF for our sunrise and sunset grey lines and for the terminator crossing the US.

RTTY operation started yesteday on 17m. SSB operation on HF has been underway for several days, although the conditions mean that CW will continue to predominate.

Following the solar disturbance, poor HF conditions continue to hamper our QSO rates. But reception on LF is easier than we had expected, with only moderate levels of QRN.

E6GG News 21 September 2015

We are hampered at present by solar conditions. HF bands are very poor, but 80 is producing results. Just 17k QSOs to date. Seven days to go.

The 160m antenna is finally up and we will be on at grey line (UK mornings) now.

The combination of heat and 24/7 operating patterns means the team is getting pretty tired, but we hope that will improve now antenna work is done.

We have done a little SSB work, but with conditions as they are, CW rules! We hope to start RTTY shortly, probably limiting it to 17m

Website updates are very occasional when we can get any Internet. We have to drive 22 miles round trip to upload to Clublog/LOTW. The whole island shares an 8Mb/s download satellite link - 1600 people. Do the math!

Don, E6/G3BJ

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Rating: 5 of 5
  • Callsign: PY5DK
  • 2015-10-01 02:36:51
DXpedition totally unethical. Disrespect for amateurs radio South Americans. SSB, a shame, as many spots published. Unfortunate attitude. Uneducated.
Rating: 5 of 5
  • Callsign: E6GG
  • 2015-09-27 06:30:11
The latest log upload was made around 22.00z today. The final upload will take place either from Niue on 28th or from Auckland on 29th. Operations continue with somewhat improved solar conditions. SSB activity is therefore being increased with 20m giving good rates to all parts of the world. On the LF bands, we continue to have good results on 80 and 160, with the exception of the 160 path to W Europe. We have heard traces of signals on that path, but nothing we could identify. Closedown is likely to be around 11.00z on Monday 28th September. It is possible that one or two bands may continue beyond that time for a few hours, but this will depened on the tiredness of the team. Work has been based on no more than 4-5 hours sleep a day and the effects of this are beginning to be felt! The team leaves for Auckland on 29th Niue time, with three team members continung that day to London via the USA, two others continuing the following day via the asian route and two remaining in New Zealand for some vacation.