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FH/F4FET Mayotte Island

Gil, F4FET will be active again from Mayotte Island (IOTA AF-027) 24 March - 21 April 2016 as FH/F4FET.
He will operate on 40 - 10m SSB.
QSL via home call.
Ads for direct QSL:
Guillaume (Gil) Sauvage, 566 Route De Tournes, Echinghen 62360, France.
Activity will be before and after FT4JA Juan de Nova DX Pedition.

Mayotte Island FH/F4FET Picture


Mayotte is one of the French owned region that is predominantly a combination of several Island. The region is located on the continent of Africa, and the official language is French. Mayotte is found off the south eastern part of Africa and it is bounded by Madagascar and Mozambique. With about 213,000 people, the tiny Island is largely populated.

Mayotte- the people, and Culture

The largest city of Mayotte is Mamoudzou, and geographically , the region is part of the larger Comoros Island however the people of the region have decided to be part of the French territory after the 1975 referendum. The main Island of Mayotte is known as “Maore” while the territory officially became a French overseas territory in the year 2011. In January 2014, Mayotte became part of the European Union. Though , French is the official language spoken predominantly in Mayotte, other languages spoken are; Shimaore and Kibushi. There are 5 different ethnic groups in Mayotte, these are; Comorian which makes up 92% , the Swahili , French, Makua , and minorities. The territory was purchased by France in the year 1843 , while the total land area is about 375 square kilometers.

Mayotte- environment , and climate conditions

The main Island of Mayotte is characterized by several volcanic rocks and that is why its soil is rich. its highest point is the Mount Benara which is about 660ft above the sea level. The coral reefs on the Island provides some support for the marine life and fishing and some forms of farming are the main employment source here. The weather conditions in Mayotte can best be described as tropical, with several months of hot , humid and rainy seasons. The region has more than 7 months of rainfall. The hottest months are normally between November and May when the tropical monsoon wind drives humid and hot hair across the Island.

The dry seasons that spreads from May to November is usually cooler and characterized by much rainfall. The landscape of Mayotte is undulating in nature, with lots of ancient volcanic rifts spreading across most of its Islands. Deep ravines are also prominent here.

Mayotte Island FH/F4FET

Mayotte- moving in and around

Mayotte is close to the continent of Africa and most travellers usually access it from other neighouring countries. Mayotte can also be accessed by air , and many international airlines fly daily via Reunion and Dzaoudzi, which are some military airports on the Island. There are some weekly flights from Paris in France to the Island. The Island can also be accessed through Kenya with daily flights operated by Kenya Airways. Mayotte can be accessed by boat via the Dzaoudzi port- the main port on the region.

Getting around Mayotte is quite easy as there are lots of locally operated taxis popularly referred t as “Taxi brousse” or bush taxis. You can take a tour around the Island for few euros a day.

Mayotte- what to eat

There are quite a handful of restaurants and posh places to eat out in Mayotte , however if you want to mingle with the locals, you can buy some of the popular local foods such as fish, bananas and Manioc. You can also find lots of imported items such as dairy products around here. The Euro is the official legal tender here.

Mayotte Island FH/F4FET DX News

Mayotte- what to do

Learning a little bit of French is one of the best possible ways of enjoying the Island, and you can find a handful of centers where you can quickly learn some basic French. Other things you can do include;

• Hiking or climbing at the Mont Choungui, which will provide you with a spectacular panoramic view of the Island.

• Indulge in the “Makis” some ring-tailed structures that are found in some of the remote areas on the Island. This activity is quite adventurous and you will love it.

• The world’s largest lagoon is located on this Island and diving has become one of the most popular activities there.

• You can also enjoy watching sea turtles that have become permanent features on the southern region of Mayotte’s beaches.

• Hump-back whales can be found migrating to the Calves of the lagoon especially between the months of August and September therefore they provide some spectacular sights.

Mayotte Island FH/F4FET Tourist Attractions

Key landmarks and attractions in Mayotte

The Island of Mahore, or Mayotte offers lots of historical attractions for everyone. Some of the key attractions in Mayotte include;

• The Vendredi mosque, which provides an excellent view of the Island. Mount Karthala is close to the mosque and if you are adventurous, you can even find a better view of the Island from there.

• The fishing town of Itsandra also provides a spectacular view of the fishing culture on the Island. There are also a number of waterfalls all spread around the Island.

• The under-water coral reefs scattered all around the Island of Mayotte are always available to explore. These coral reefs protect the hidden marine life of the Island, and the sandy beaches around here provide lots of activities, including scuba diving for everyone. All the marine lives on Mayotte can be explored with the use of available dug-out canoes.

• The Mwali Island , which is one of the Island that makes up the Mayotte also offers lots of attractions, and these include its clean beaches with the mountainous interior regions. The Dhow buildings around this area also provide some spectacles to watch and these are buildings that are close to the seashore where one can travel to other Islands.

• The Nouvelle mosque is one of the ancient landmarks that still stand on the Mayotte for centuries even after the colonization era. The mosque represents the presence of the Arabs on the Island around the 11th century period .The mosque is close to the Indian ocean and also provides a great view of the Mayotte.

• More than a quarter of Mayotte residents are deeply spiritual and they believe they can reach higher realms through sacrificial prayers. If you find this fascinating then you can join the locals to say some prayers .

Where is Mayotte Island located. Map.

FH/F4FET Mayotte Island. Sunrise 07-25-2024 at 03:19 GMT sunset at 14:52 GMT
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