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Yves, HB9AOF will be active as FM/HB9AOF from Martinique Island, IOTA NA - 107, 11 - 22 February 2023.
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Martinique Island : Caribbean’s charming destination

Martinique island is a paradise set at the east of Caribbean Sea. It is a land of 1,128 sq mi – and part of the Lesser Antilles. With a population of 386,486 people, the island is just across the north west of Barbados.

The overseas region of France is actually part of the Eurpoean Union with Euro as the currency. It has official language of French but some of the people speak Creole fluently. Martinique was named by Christopher Colombus as during his expedition in 1493, he saw the island and landed in 1502.


The first occupation of Martinique was by the Caribs. Although Colombus was noted to be the first to discover, but the Spain seemed to be interested in the land. The French Governor order French settlements on Martinique. They established the European settlers at the Saint Piere Fort.

The Caribes tried to drive the settlers away from the island but the French successfully force them to back off. There was a conflict between Caribs and the French that finally force Caribs to move to Dominica.

The island was settled by many Catholic priests that the settlers would hold the region and seek freedom. The people were prosperous and industrious and King Louis would come to the island and force the authorities to suppress the Protestants.

Martinique Island FM/HB9AOF

Geographical information

Martinique is part of the archipelago of Antilles and the area consists of 1,100 square kilometres. The highest point of Martinique is Mont Pelee – a volcanic mountain. There are quite a lot of volcanic activities with many victims that destroyed the Saint Pierre in 1902.

The volcanic island lies within the oldest rocks of andesitic. This rocks are dated back 25 million years ago. The number of eruptions have caused thousands of people killed and forming a new land. This dramatic island has 8 spots of volcanic activity that could be active any time. And most ships find difficulties when navigating ships to the Martinique coasts.

The island has various surface. The mountainous lands lie at the north Martinique. There are 4 volcanoes:

  • Mont Pelee
  • Piton Conil
  • Piton du Carbet
  • Morne Jacob

The volcanoes are hugged by the tropical rain forest that dominate the fort de France. The contrast panorama offers beauty and wonderful experience.

Another impressive geographic comes from the south. The area is easy to be explored because there are an ample of beaches and foods plus bulks of accommodation. The high traffic of tourists is centered around the south.

The north often catches rainfall. The heavy tropical jungle offer marvellous species of woods from mahogany, bamboo to locust. The south is a little dry with savanna and logwood acacia dominating the forest. There are wildlife from lizards to snakes.

Martinique Island FM/HB9AOF DX News


Martinique people speak fluent French but some of them can also speak creole – a language from Antillean. It can be seen in the neighbourhood where this English speaking place is packed by migrants. There are myths and stories from ancestors that are believed up till today.

The Martinique people are descendant of African slaves. The population consists of Indian, Chinese, Lebanese, French and Amerindian. There are also several European ethnics and Spanish people in the island. the agricultural sector become the main economy source besides their tourism. There is only 5% of white population.

The cost of living in the area is quite high when compared to the other countries across Caribbean. The French products can widely be seen in this area such as the Limoges porcelain or Chanel brand. There are adults who study in Martinique and with the incredible waves, the island becomes the hippest spot for watersports throughout the year. Many upper class people come from France to travel to a more budget friendly destination like Martinique.

With a mix of cultures, Martinique has a very unique heritage from Africa, America and also South Asian. The dishes is a combination between Indian’s gravy sauce, pineapple desserts and also the local ingredients with unique taste.

Martinique Island FM/HB9AOF Tourist attractions



  • Trace des Caps

It has an easy trails on the south of coastal area with the forest and panorama of a deserted beach with sky up high coconut trees. There are crabs in the forest as you hike through the easy pathway trails.

  • Chemin des Anses du Nord

The trail will take you to witness cliffs and beaches in a secluded area. It is a tropical forest with slicky trails. There are many rare plants grow wild in the jungle.

  • Observatoire Volcanologique

If you love science, this place is incredible spot to start the journey. It exhibits the volcano history and earth quakes in Martinique. You will meet scientists who observe natural disasters in the island. From here, the surrounding is inevitably incredible!

  • Habitation Clément

This beautiful landscape is a park dated from 18th century. It is a museum with a distillery that you still can watch their activities. A contemporary art museum that exhibits paintings from Caribbean artists and carvings plus amazing modern sculptures. You can also learn new things about ecology and the culture of Creole. Also, a brief history of Martinique slavery, the sugar cane development and rum production.

- Anse Latouche

This beautiful garden is dated back from 17th century. The exotic place offers dyeing factory which was transformed into a beautiful dam, canal, plants and charming area. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere as you witness the greeneries.

  • Saint Pierre

Saint Pierre still bears witness of the volcano eruption. It has killed hundred thousands of people and this is the place worth your visit. With the buildings and the Caribbean atmosphere in the air, the market can be a busy place during the morning. And the main square of Bertin is a must visit spot in Saint Pierre.
There are various places you can visit from here, like the cathedral, historical ruins of prison and and a theatre, Roxelane river view, Mont-au-Ciel, which is a narrow path that survive the eruption.

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